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The oral hygiene market is expected to have higher growth by 2020 in value terms. Demand for the oral care products is rising with increasing wealth and consumer awareness. Companies are giving tough competition and consumers are reaping the benefits by getting products at best price and a variety to choose from.
Overview of oral hygiene in Ireland
This market has various products to offer. Breath fresheners, dental floss, dental care, mouth washes, tooth brushes etc. Among all the products, toothpaste is expected to be the leading category in 2015-2020. Mouthwashes and dental care are expected to register the fastest growth. There is very tough competition in this market and presence of both national and international players. The top companies are Glaxosmithkline plc , Colgate Palmolive Gmbh, Procter and Gamble. Glaxosmithkline Plc is the number one manufacturer of OTC health care products worldwide. It launched 50 new products in 2014 and produces world’s best loved products such as Otrivin, Sensodyne, Volatren, Theraflu. Colgate and Palmolive Gmbh was named in the list of top 50 organisations for multicultural business opportunities. P&G was named as the best company for multicultural women and Honoured as the best company to work for employees with disabilities. Hypermarkets and supermarkets are acting as a big helping hand to the companies in achieving high sales target. These Hypermarkets are distributing approximately 50% of the products. This sector is providing employment opportunities to many; various sales men are required. Also oral hygiene market is giving boost to packaging industry.
Key Driving Factors in Ireland oral hygiene market
• Need of the hour to protect an individual from various diseases
• High demand for the products
• Innovations and customised products
• Market competitiveness

Future of Oral hygiene market in Ireland
The growth in value terms in oral care is 4% in 2015 and reached to sales of 121 million euros in 2015 and sales is expected to rise to 136 million euros by 2020. This industry has a very bright future. Even the downturn in the economy has less influence on this market thus sales remain more or less unaffected. These are the basic products to maintain personal hygiene so demanded by all the people so this industry has large consumer base. Additionally, the innovations, particularly with toothpastes and mouthwashes is attracting customers and tying them up with the products for the long time.
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