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The report titled “India Piston and Piston Rings Market Outlook to 2022 – Emergence of Light Weight Pistons and Introduction of Revolutionary Diamond Coating Process” provides a comprehensive analysis of the Indian piston and piston rings market. The report captures aspects such as the market size of the Indian piston and piston rings industry on the basis of major players, market segmentation on the basis of piston and piston rings, by type of piston rings, by type of coating, by type of material, by type of automotive vehicle (two wheeler, three wheeler, four wheeler and heavy duty commercial vehicles), by OEM and after-market sales, by domestic and export sales and by organized and unorganized sectors.

The report also incorporates the trends and developments, issues and challenges, competitive landscape, government regulations, investment model, value chain and macroeconomic factors that impact the piston and piston rings market in India. The report also covers company profiles and product portfolios of major players as well as a comprehensive analysis of Porter’s five forces on the piston and piston rings market in India.

This report will help independent industry consultants, piston and piston rings manufacturers, retail chains, potential entrants and other stakeholders to align their market centric strategies according to the ongoing and expected trends during the forecast period.

India Piston and Piston Rings Market
The Piston and Piston Ring market has been one of the fastest growing auto component sectors attributing its success primarily to the automobile sector and demand for higher powered engines. The increasing development in infrastructure, a growing domestic market for automobiles backed by new model launches, increasing purchasing power and stabilizing the government framework will draw in major investments both domestically and internationally. The piston and piston rings industry saw a CAGR of ~% during FY’2011-FY’2016. The revenue in the Indian market had grown from INR ~ billion in 2012 to INR ~ billion in 2016. This growth was driven by rapid demand of motorcycle sales which has been growing at ~% YoY and has been a defining factor for this growth. India is poised to become a leading export hub for motorcycles in the coming years and is currently placed as the third largest exporter of two wheelers in the world. The major players in the Piston and Piston rings market in India are Shriram Piston and Rings Ltd, Federal Modgul Goetze India, Sam Piston and Rings, Menon Pistons, India Pistons Ltd and IP Rings.

India Piston and Piston Rings Market Segmentation
By Type: Being an integral part of the functioning of an engine, the piston market has dominated ~% of the revenues generated by manufacturers in contrast to ~% of the share occupied by the piston rings during 2017. This larger share for pistons is attributed to the higher value of pistons in comparison to piston rings as well as the fact that they are installed simultaneously.

By Type of Material: The aluminum pistons have accounted for a share of ~% in terms of revenues and have registered revenues worth INR ~ million in FY’2017. In contrast, the steel pistons have accounted for ~% of revenues with revenues reported to be INR ~ million during FY’2017. Over the last decade, OEM’s have preferred to use aluminum pistons in petrol engines due to its ambidextrous properties such as low weight, high strength, superior malleability, easy machining, excellent corrosion resistance and good thermal and electrical conductivity. Steel piston applications primarily deal with diesel engines and industrial engines that require higher tensile strength but tend to be heavier, causing reduced fuel efficiency.

By Type of Coating: The piston market in India can be bifurcated into three different types of coatings, Thermal Barrier Piston Coating, Dry Film Lubricant Coating Piston and Oil Shedding Coating Piston. The thermal barrier piston coating takes up a majority ~% share, where as the dry film-lubricant coating constitutes ~% share in terms of revenues and the remaining ~% is captured by oil shedding coating during FY’2017. The thermal barrier piston coating is considered to be the most popular choice of coating amongst the OEM’s for the coating of engine parts due to its oil-shedding properties.

By Type of Automobile: Two wheelers in the Indian market have been the largest source of revenue for Piston manufacturers in India with a revenue share of ~% in the automotive piston market during FY’2017. The two wheeler market is further segmented into the motorcycle segment which captures the largest share of ~%, scooters take up only ~% and mopeds have ~% of the share.

The three wheeler segment takes up a mere ~% share of the piston and piston rings market but has seen positive signs in the domestic as well as export market primarily driven by increasing demand for last-mile connectivity in metros and major cities, improving penetration in lower tier towns and rural areas, and gradually increasing availability of funding through organized channel. The four wheeler segment constitutes ~% of the market share with revenues worth INR ~ million during FY’2017. Factors such as rising prosperity, easier access to finance and increasing affordability have helped four-wheelers gain volumes in the market. The heavy duty commercial vehicles segment has occupied ~% of the market share and has contributed revenues worth INR~ million.

By OEM and Aftermarket: The OEM sales for piston manufacturers have accounted for a significant share of ~% to the overall sales for piston and piston rings with revenues been reported at INR ~ million during FY’2017. Organized players capture the entire OEM market placing special emphasis on maintaining high quality standards for its products as well as employing the latest technology in the production process for piston and piston rings. The aftermarket on the other hand comprises of ~% of the market share and generated revenues worth INR ~ million during FY’2017.

By Domestic and Export Sales: The domestic sales for pistons and piston rings in India have seen tremendous growth over the last few years constituting ~% of the market share with revenues reported at INR ~million in FY’2017. Alternatively, the export market sales have accounted for ~% of the revenue of piston and piston rings manufacturers with revenues reported at INR ~million during FY’2017. The export market for piston and piston ring manufacturers is still an underpenetrated segment and is still relatively small with high growth prospects in the future due to relaxation on laws of doing business in India, a buoyant end-user market, and return of adequate liquidity in the financial system.

Future Outlook for India Piston and Piston Rings Market
India piston and piston rings market has grown from INR ~ million in FY’2012 to INR ~ million in FY’2017 at a CAGR of ~%. In the future, the revenue for the industry is expected to reach INR ~ million by FY’2022 growing at a CAGR of ~%. In the short run, the industry is projected to grow at a slow rate of ~% from FY’2017 to FY’2019. This has been attributed to the success of the automobile sector, primarily driven by the increasing demand for automobiles due to an inflow of disposable income, and improving consumer sentiment. In the long run, the revenue is expected to grow from INR ~ million in FY’2020 to ~ million in FY’2022.

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