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Catering is a business that provides food service at a location or an event. The catering proposals usually include rental arrival time, staff arrival time, bar open and close time, meal time and rental pick up. Factors influencing the price of catering services are menu choices, furniture or supply rentals, labour and service charges. The types of food catering services are mobile catering, airline catering, and event catering.

The Peruvian economy’s steady growth anticipates a robust growth in food catering sector in coming years. Food or catering service is a huge industry involving various companies. The services involved cooking, distribution, transportation and marketing of ready-to-eat food. The food services also involves in the preparing and selling of food to hospitals, firms, schools and other organizations. Another type of food service market is the fast food outlets, full-service restaurants, cafeterias, caterers and other food service facilities preparing, serving and selling food.

Through tourism the government is actively promoting Peru as a cultural destination. Majority of the catering services are in coffee shops, bars and other outlets that account for 18% growth per year. The catering or food service sector is anticipated to grow by 7% by the year 2018. The popularity of shopping centres in Peru, promoted fast food centres and restaurants. 25% of food service sales happen only within shopping centres, providing food for starving consumers.

According to research report, “Cater Insight: Food service in Peru”, the majority of food service growth is in the urban areas of the country. The rise in unemployment and lower income are the key factors driving for the development in catering services at affordable prices. The consumers’ income, living standards, food prices, and energy and labour costs are the major forces influencing the food catering market. The food service sector will witness a rapid growth in the coming years with new investments in various sectors.

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