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Compliance to regulatory norms and safety concern among expats, hospitality industry along with improved awareness about benefits of using electronic security devices were the key factors driving the demand for electronic security devices in UAE.
The report titled “UAE Electronic Security Market Outlook to 2021 Creating Smart Surveillance, Safety and Security System to Drive Market Growth” by Ken Research suggested a multi bagger CAGR of 10.7% in revenue in electronic security devices especially in VMS, CCTV, fire alarm and access control in the region in the next 5 years till 2021.
UAE is an oil rich country and in the past few years have significantly diversified their economy to other sectors such as retail, hospitality and others. Growing expat population, tourists, and investment in infrastructure was the key reason for growth of retail and hospitality sector. Dubai’s aim to become the smartest city in the world has promoted the sale of electronic security devices in the country. Infrastructure, hospitality, and real estate were the key sectors to use electronic security devices. Rise in demand for facilities management, number of visitors at mega malls, hotels and amusement parks in UAE especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi were some other key factors driving the growth in market. Civil defense code in UAE had prompted the property owners especially in commercial sector to install electronic security devices in their premises. Replacement demand was other key driver. CCTV was the most demanded electronic security device.
Improved implementation of regulatory norms, growth of economy and rise in per capita income of local people and expats has leveraged the buying capacity of people. A significant proportion of investment in the country has been intended towards improving the quality of infrastructure. Increasing number of railway stations, airports, schools, colleges, hospitals, offices and shopping malls have urged the need of installing electronic security products. The companies and government are putting a lot of efforts to educate people about the need to use reliable, efficient and high quality electronic security systems.
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