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The report titled “Asia Pacific Baby Hygiene Industry Outlook to 2020 – Rising Expenditure on Baby Hygiene with Better Health and Safety Standards to Drive Growth” provides a comprehensive analysis regarding the performance of baby hygiene products in the Asia-Pacific region. This report will help industry consultants, baby hygiene manufacturers, potential entrants and other stakeholders to align their market centric strategies according to the ongoing and expected trends in the future.
The revenues of the baby hygiene industry in the Asia-Pacific region are estimated to grow at a double digit CAGR during the period 2010-2015. Revenues of baby hygiene products from the APAC regions have been driven by developed economies including Japan, China, India and Australia during the review period 2010-2015. However, the increasing penetration rate of baby hygiene products in developed economies has led the market to shift towards maturity stage. Developing economies including India, Thailand and Vietnam have witnessed double digit growth in revenues during the review period. Increasing GDP per capita, rising hygiene awareness and high growth in new born babies have helped the market revenues to stimulate market growth. Manufacturers of baby hygiene products are setting up new production facilities in these countries in order to increase sales volume through higher market penetration.
Higher product penetration of baby diapers and wipes in developing economies will aid the growth in future revenues of the baby hygiene industry. However, the personal care baby products will contribute higher to overall revenues of the baby hygiene industry due to the vast variety of products available to consumers. China is expected to continue to contribute highest to sanitary and personal care revenues due to the rising number of new born babies coupled with the relaxation of the one child policy.
The improving distribution channels, product reach and rising discretionary income in developing economies including India, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia will stimulate demand for baby hygiene products.
According to Research Analyst at Ken Research, “it is essential for Baby Hygiene Manufacturers to maintain profitability and to achieve their long term goals that they develop innovative packaging for baby hygiene products. In addition to this, baby diaper manufacturers should focus on leak proof rash free diapers that are less bulky and environment friendly. They can also provide free samples and create awareness through campaigns and workshops. Manufacturers of personal care baby products should tie up with medical associations and pediatricians in order to further boost sales by marketing doctor certified products. Potential and new entrants can penetrate the personal care baby hygiene market by rolling out herbal and natural products. They can also tie up with e-commerce portals to ensure higher growth in sales of personal and sanitary care baby products.”

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