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He explained what differentiates the smart factory from the rest. A factory has five key elements: machines, tools, people who operate them, parts that are manufactured and the environment where these activities take place. “In a smart factory, all these five elements exist. What’s more is the continuous activity of collecting data, analysing it and using it to attain the most optimal result from the factory.”

Tallahassee FL, 01-AUGUST-2016 – Fiorini Chiropractic Center, Dr. Dennis Fiorini and Dr. Atkinson, DC., are pleased to announce that they offer solutions for neck pain sufferers. The Tallahassee chiropractic professionals use natural and non-invasive methods to alleviate the pain and to promote the body’s ability to heal itself. The doctors Continue Reading



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|| प्रत्यक्षं किम् प्रमाणम् ||
[Reality needs no proofs]