NIXI Downtime Notice - February 22,2019

We would like to bring to your notice an important change taking place at the .IN Registry, NIXI, in the coming week. Please read on further to know the exact details.

Dalit & caste movements are shining again, another round for political mandals? - July 12,2016

Reinventing Mission Minorities, Oppression / Untouchable Dalits and Women - shameful re-branding of fight against corrupt #ChorBhakts as "Brahmin Fascism vs Dalit Slum

The Non-Performing Assets or NPA game by Indian banks, #AntiNational mafia goons anti.corruption - January 3,2014

Bad loans at public sector banks have increased to Rs 2.67 lakh crore last year. The Non-Performing Assets (NPAs) for the Indian banking system will deteriorate furthe

No lessons from revolts for suppresors & corrupt, again plans to invade Syria, Iran, Korea or wherever its crony breeds are under threat? - August 26,2013

They did it earlier attacking Vietnam, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, etc.. like our populist leaders do here on regular basis with so called terrorists, separatists, naxali