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Author: Sudhir Panda

Just a Common Man. A Boring Brief: The irrepressible autodidact, sharing blunt+ ideas on politics, economics, technology, culture, religion, healthcare, etc. since last 10+ years. I may not fit any known ideologies. I hate publishing a self-praising bio-data and if I can be of any use, put a comment on one of my posts below.

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Schools are for selfless transfer of knowledge upholding civilizational value systems, not capital hoarding machines, you should start a cool Amazon for that. Either you’re with future kids or dying for extra bucks / fame, no mid-way or centrist approach feasible, revolt by same children who are abused, gambled and tricked by the populists 24/7 will not be unusual.

Financial, healthcare, technological and climate crisis are apparently sweeping aside many established ideas of how societies should run their economies and one measure is how to stop business schools churn out jargon-spewing vandals, who later proudly gather wealth with smart Read more…

Intriguingly, a top-level Chinese biodefense lab is situated in Wuhan, the epicenter of the novel coronavirus. Now #COVID19 is engaging populations in much smarter bio-drapa and bio-wuhan superpower ways, digital cats are milking? Only difference between two UNSC giants: the US employs some of our desi economic migrants in its core R&D programs.

The other extreme Tukde Tukde is getting popular as an option for humanity if this was the cost of building an empire and spreading anti-human nationalism venom just willingly brain-washed by a Bihari Pandit’s divide to rule ideas. There were no Islamic or foreign powers in 3rd century, it was just classical Left vs Right and worse than even WWII holocaust.

Heck with public deposits, our return increases in proportion with Bank NPA! Budget concerns also needed to showcase once in a while, for the record. The NPA (not Nuclear Weapons Program) game is also profitable for private #SwachhBanks run by versatile money laundering cronies. Popular schemes are often used to soften the pricing terms, elongation of repayments, without improving the basic viability of the business or credibility of jugaadu cronies.

The future of education begins today. Tangible ideas that will transform the scene of education can be uncovered by making educated predictions. However the youth of tomorrow will define their learning methods in ways that cannot even be fathomed today!

A few decades ago this was something unimaginable but in the rat race for survival in today’s world the media houses have compromised on their commitment to leftist inscribed ethics synthesized from revolts and renaissances of our brave ancestors.

Essentially, it’s how we go about liberating the user. There are (at least) two ways we can make the user more free: We can become nannies, or we can assist the user in their freedom. I consider these two different approaches, and the difference is the point.

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The events are centered around the interests of students, educationists, practicing designers and children related interest groups. The event has been designed to be lively, interactive and thought provoking and will provide great opportunity to interact with thought leaders, listen to visions by researchers and for networking.