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Maya Garden Avenue is one of its kind housing projects that give a true green living experience. A gated community, it is self sufficient in every regard complete with all the amenities for leading a fulfilling life. The buildings are resistant to elements and are durable. Within minutes from the City Beautiful, yet far from the hustle and bustle of the tri-city, the project offers a peaceful serene lifestyle. Come and discover more……..
Green Highlights…
Maya Garden Avenue is constructed with Eco-friendly insulating building material that result in energy efficiency. Water conservation is also a priority. There is saving on water and electricity bills. Larger windows along with selection of interior materials and paints reduce sick building syndrome, increase health, happiness and well being. The building causes minimal impact on the environment and conserves natural resources.
Better indoor air quality…
Large sized windows provide for ventilation and air circulation & more sunshine into the house, thus, improving general well being and living conditions.
Water efficient fixtures and recycling…
Low flow water efficient fittings and faucets are used. There is provision of flushing for better water management. Used water is purified, recycled and used for irrigation.
Energy efficiency and sustainable construction…
The living units have better air conditioning systems that optimize energy usage. Only energy efficient 4 stars AC are used. The construction is done by following environmental best practices. The building structure is insulated and along with heat reflective glass, aids in energy conversation.
Rain water harvesting and soil conservation…
There is provision of ground water recharging, thus, contributing to resource conservation and sustainability. Top soil of the gardens and lawns is managed and conserved organically.
Aiding in green travel…
Foreseeing the future of travel and transport, the buildings have been provided with charging points for electric vehicles
Other Benefits…
Higher resale value.
Better air, better health, longer disease free life.
Satisfaction and contentment.
Low cost of living.
Contribution in making the’ planet green’.
Amenities & facilities as never before…
–Earthquake resistant RCC frame structure buildings
–24×7 security
–100% power backup for common facilities
–Uninterrupted water supply
–underground drainage system
–Wide and well lit internal roads
–Lush green lawns
–Jogging track
–Kids play area
–Covered parking
–Separate lift for each block
–Emergency services
–Intercom facility*
–Separate rest room*
–Broadband connectivity provision*
–DTH TV facility provision*
–Modular kitchen with chimney

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