UBER Mahogany is a revolutionary concept for India – an exclusive collection of villas that are being build within a grove of Mahogany trees, located off Sarjapur Road, 5 km from Wipro corp. office, Bangalore. It is a perfect integration of nature and architecture with all high end features and amenities. The project is on track to change the way the industry looks at responsible development. Mahogany Trees transform any ordinary day into a refreshing one as it natures sun control system by shedding leaves during winter, allowing max sunlight and softening the harsh summer sun with its foliage, keeping your home cool in summer.
Unique Features :
-78 exclusive villas built within the grove of mahogany trees
-Total number of trees on the site is 2000 including 900 mahogany trees
-Eco-sensitive values in both the design & selection of materials
-Spacious private yards and decks for each villa.
-Unique design that allows maximum sunlight & ventilation
-Vaastu compliance.
-Retaining the rustic nature of the site.

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