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* 15 Minutesdrive to White field
* 5 Minutes drive from malur industrial area
* 1 km form itc factory
* Close to 6 Lane Super Express Highway,
* Satellite Ring Road,
* Intermediate Ring Road,
* Malur Railway Station,
* Closer to Hospitals, Schools, Banks,
* Already 100 plus MNC & National companies are under construction,
* It is the starting point for 468 Japanese companies (Japanese Zone),
* 50 plus MNC and National companies are already under operation,
* Close to Lakhs of Employments Zone,
* 3000 Acres Companies Zone viz., Narasapur Industrial Area, Malur Industrial Area,
* Close to Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India, Volvo, Unilet,Indo, ASK,
* Mahindra Aerostructure Pvt Ltd, Jay Unshin Ltd, Exedy Clutch Pvt. Ltd, Scania Commercial Vehicle India Pvt.Ltd,Bando India Pvt.Ltd, Apex Auto.

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प्रत्यक्षं किम् प्रमाणम् | Share this post:

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