Winner got support of 32%, with huge budgets and a strong leader!

Sudhir Panda • 20 May 2014
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Change has come about in terms of lowering head-count in parliament for the grand old party.... end of monopoly is good news, but only partial as of now. We may expect some improvements in lives of few destitute souls in this part of the world, but unless real corrupt are punished, skepticism must not die. Unfortunately, like every success, much of the real colors, facts and means will go behind and buried until next season to showcase the magic numbers with help of media hoopla. The new presidential verdict is 32% for the only declared leader with support of corporate proxies and sangh grapevine. I personally feel next PM will surely be better than the outgoing, the upbeats must have some ground.

Though not sure about other thirsty members, upbeat bhakts and star supporters who may well be piggybacking and bulldozing on his wave to refill some dried glasses and showoff their wealthy masculinity.

May god bless them with courage and vedic wisdom before it is too late uprising some unruly mass-movements larger than 2011. Does this mean that the balance 68% of voters were on wrong side or wiser? Open question for few years.

How the few percentage of strategic votes gets manipulated with help of paid media brainwash of young voters is a big question? Lying and hyping in the name of politics and news are becoming twisted signs of a fair, vibrant and colorful democracy. Can systems and leaders born out of such vested social re-engineering be good for future?

On the day of election results, I met a roadside teenage vendor near a Delhi metro station (it's illegal, but police bhais are acting usually with angry smiles) who was charging Rs.5 extra for a water bottle, when asked why he says "old days are gone from today, acche din coming" - he is enthused for self-development at any cost with a strong conviction to learning smart corruption. Well, the netas and babus do it, why can't he pump a gallon into the balloon? Earn Rs.1000, pay Rs.200 to 2 constables, count profits, sleep well. The Police system fulfills its self-development with that Rs. 200 hard-earned Laagan multiplied by millions... top to bottom. Like Ganga, the public railway station and police ethics becomes the collateral damage, but no BIG deal, it is generating roadside employment.

Together the big national rescue groups (democratically branded monarchies) had managed to garner less than 50% (despite huge campaign budgets from loot!), the means are not relevant with onslaught of development + religious wave. Even in Delhi, the high budget campaign party managed less than 50% share and most of the opposing candidates lost falling short of a few thousand vote margin, think how results had been without the corporate hype and indirect proxies.

Recall for example the ad campaign of Favcol / Pidi Bania cronies, what were they communicating in disguise? Have no doubts about real epicenters of this landslide (the hidden Kleptocracy of gymkhana), however louder they drum about negativity!

Such ads are brilliant as creative cronies claim or just indirect bribing or maybe communicators are giving back to make society more wiser? See - no surprise if we find more such brand appeals across regions, only a fraction gets really exposed which slips the grip of paid media agents and smart political traders. Anyway enjoy the development ride, surely the future will unfold itself, never give-up hope. Wait and watch carefully unless you have invested in the campaign extravaganza and hopping around power corridors for return gifts.

Sudhir Panda

Farmers March, Workers March, Commoners March. Freedom only for the members of the government, only for the members of the party, only for the popular cronies - though they are quite numerous - is no freedom at all. Freedom is always the freedom of dissenters. ~ Luxemburg. Rosa Luxemburg wanted it all: books & music, sex & art, evening walks & the revolution. The world is so beautiful, with all its horrors, and would be even more beautiful if there were no weaklings or cowards in it.

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