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grouprtirealty • 21 January 2015

As underwriters, we put a stake in the project ourselves by investing in it - naturally, we are ensure that these projects are the finest in the market. We deal in bulk volume, and therefore able to pass on the price benefit to our customer ( by way of special discount and others). As channel partners, we enjoy a certain level of trust with the builder, which,again, give us access to better rates and deals than our competitors. Property Investment advice covering nearly all the projects of Delhi-NCR. Details Project Report Containing information about the project including specific rates and payments plans, ROI calculators, development survey of locality including maintenance, infrastructure growth like roads, flyovers, etc, Day-by-by update on value of the property and more. Details comparison reports clearly displaying value and ROI of Project vis-a-vis other, comparable projects, in the market. A commitment to satisfaction manifest not just providing expert property investment advice, but dedicated post-sales services as well, that usually result in both exceptional value appreciation, and relationship.

• What we bring to the table
As leading underwriters in the realty space, we help our esteemed clients make smarter investment decisions by offering them.

• Better Range of property choices
• - There is a right time of Entry And A right time to Exit At RTI, we guide you on both.
• Some Of ways we answer the above question are

1 - deploy a veteran team of experts with years of experience in spotting trends and capitalizing on them at the right times.
2- Activate a proprietary process that includes studying market trends, harnessing advanced analytic, employing domain insight perfected over the years, and trusting our own instincts to arrive at near-flawless decision.
3- handpicking best projects (and bypassing the rest) :Our close association with top builders and developers allow us to underwrite the best projects, and give us "First Mover Advantage" whenever new projects are launched.
4- A stress on innovation that often result in out-of-the-box thinking - leading to delightfully fresh solution for our clients.
5-A quest for breaking new ground and creating new milestone- For Example, we are the first " Under-writer" with corporate tie-ups.
6-We are the bridge between developers and corporate worlds.