Official views of angry banking consumer - beware of lures for loans, financing traps

Anti Corruption • 10 September 2016

Official views of a small but angry banking consumer: Dear Sir: Further to your reply, note that I do not have looted or black money to pay as per your selfie rules and wishes only. I do not want to analyze your jargons and policies. I am not able to pay anything that sounds unreasonable to me, no interest tax ransom whatsoever can be paid. I have not taken any money for pleasure, personal gains or business - it was simply to pay account dues and close banking forever. Write or call to settle at once, not to threat, harass or fool me anymore. I had paid huge interests since last 10+ years without any benefit, it may be okay as per rules of your types, not for me.

Also find attached an email sent in Jan 2016 on account cancellation, which was not addressed by your commission obsessed agents. Many such mails, calls and requests were deliberately ignored from your end. I cannot take burdens for your casual and purely profiteering approach. Send a reasonable reply. I have no patience for time-pass calls from your agents, I only need written replies. I am only getting account statements, fancy rules and calls. Real issue and reason for taking account loan as per your customer care persons suggestion to settle, is totally ignored, as always. Refer earlier messages carefully and reply to the points ONLY before any phone calls for payment.

I cannot tolerate such frauds and loots, I have no currency tree to satisfy your greedy financing ideas for your development profiteering. I am not paying anymore, I am retiring and shifting - no time to review your decorated payment statements either. I had agreed to your offers last year just to settle and close the account. I have spoken, written / emailed many times since last 1 year to close the account and settle. I do not want to crunch your numbers, account statements anymore, just close the account and mention a final amount to settle immediately. I deserve liberation out of this luring and lopsided banking vicious circle. Regards, XYZ

World maybe be going cashless credit / online banking, you're reversing after experiencing 15 years of mixed results, to your own peace economy, can the state mind its real business? By closing their kitty eyes for cuts, isn't this state sponsored economic terrorism? Real bank name was edited for obvious reasons, it can be added later. The above letter template is open source originally written and shared by one of our contributors, any small victim of modern corporatist bankers / financiers can feel free to use it. Do share your views and real life experiences as a common bank, finance, investment, state accounting or insurance consumer.

What Wall Street learned from the Mafia? How to reach into the penny jars (or donation lockers) of dying hospitals, honest citizens and schools and transform their desperation and civic panic into fat year-end bonuses and the occasional "big lunch" for charming cronies, the smart profiteers cum financial terrorists. Unlike the Mafia, though, they were smart enough to do their dirt without anyone noticing for a very long time. No harm, to them, means no visible harm, i.e., that what taxpayers didn't know couldn't hurt them. This is logical thinking, to the sociopath – like saying it's not infidelity if your wife never finds out. But we did find out, and the scale of betrayals are epic.

Private #banking rot is nonstarter for charming cronies, smart profiteers cum financial terrorists, we are now smart and developing so #GandhiJayanti = #RupeeJayanti. Join SocialNet and share more money equations.

Bazaru Bank

How to avoid Personal Loan and Credit Traps? Earn Poor Credit Score = Bank Agents have Less Chance to Loot or Lure you.

You are a free bird, share your wisdom to help as many others in rat race! Before starting pay gap binary debates, settle what's meaning of earning enough, here words like more / less sounds "alternative racism" alias "alternative facts"!

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  • aliva panda

    Dear Sir: I have serious issue with banking charges. You are charging Rs. 6325 + Rs. 2587 x 12 = Rs. 37369 every year for my account? There are other monthly NMMAB and Penal Charges of around Rs. 12000 per year (approx). Total Bank Cost: Rs.50000/- plus, which is more than my hard earned net profit! It also means you had already auto-deducted more than Rs.500000/- as your fees since this account is active, 10+ years. Is this ethically justified and standard banking practice? Elaborate and explain why I should not close dealings with your bank and related finance agents?

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  • Bazaru Bank

    Bank Writes: Your CIBIL TransUnion Score and Credit Information Report (CIR) is an evidence of your credit worthiness and plays a critical role in the loan approval process. Make more jokers like BankBazar, CreditBuilder, etc.. recently jumped in for a looted pie pampered by the right-wing corporation ruling this country. Here are 6 simple rules to maintain a good Credit Score:

    1. Always pay your installment & charges on time
    2. Late payments are viewed negatively by lenders
    3. Keep your balances low
    4. Always be prudent to not use too much credit, control your utilization.
    5. Maintain a healthy mix of credit
    6. It is better to have a healthy mix of secured (such as home loan, auto loan) and unsecured loans (such as personal loan, credit cards). Too many unsecured loans may be viewed negatively.

    7. Never take a loan or Earn Poor Credit Score = Bank Agents have Less Chance to Loot or Lure you. (Finance cronies will always miss this 7th tip!)

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