Dalit & caste movements are shining again, another round for political mandals?

Reinventing Mission Minorities, Oppression / Untouchable Dalits and Women - shameful re-branding of fight against corrupt #ChorBhakts as "Brahmin Fascism vs Dalit Slumdog" for hierarchical votes. This is not much different from suppression of African Americans by few protectionist right-wing hypers in United States - identified as "Negro", "Black" or "African-American. The anti-dalit hyper do not represent all other castes or communities! Just by chanting some संस्कृत श्लोक and soothing sound bytes, spending few hours in temples, shouting jumlas, wearing saffron and spreading red टिका tilak on heads they do not become the bunch of wise spokespersons of all so-called upper caste and get license to make us all fight each other for vested business of political interests. The Cronies, Terrorists and Selfie Bhakts associations are strategically instigating and testing patriotism and religious pulse of commoners, all your conversations and comments are monitored for tagging and filtering systematically with help of sold-out media brands on TV Boxes, connected devices and so-called fancy apps you downloaded on your mobile gadget.

There are, of course, several determinants of income status, ranging from occupation to location to the industry in which one is employed or even the prosperity of the state that one is living in, but it is education that has, by far, the greatest impact on income levels and status. Indeed, with the spread of education, economic growth plays a large role also, the relative disparity in incomes across caste groups has also come down considerably. While some remains, it is not certain how much of this is caste-based and how much due to grooming, candidates who are more fluent in English, for instance, command a premium in the job market even though the degree they hold may be the same or in worst cases bought. Though there are clear exceptions even in this so-called English speaking class, as always.

Dalit is दल भेदे, not related to one's birth or caste, someone who revolt against oppression of system status-quo, caste, inequality - want liberation or emancipation. Even decades after replacing the white supremacists with brown alternatives, Harijan from historically disadvantaged communities say: "They are still दलित, still broken, still suppressed." It isn't a surprise, most social and economical indicators shine with cosmetic spectrum mask of #ChorBhakts. It will be historic peaceful election revolution, if paradigms & pyramid shifts this time and this way - who will benefit if poverty, apartheid, bigotry, corruption, abuse and teasing ends, #FoodForThought!

As was done by many community gurus earlier, celebrities are trying to capitalize on caste sentiments, claiming that the youth have a chance to make good in this new India (with help of paid media and social media hypes) that values education above everything else, maybe not value systems, anyway a chance that reservations are denying them. These new celebs are not being altruistic, they also showcases community's need to get preferential treatment. But as more and more people challenge reservations, the higher the chances of it being scrapped, which any case should have been abolished many years back, if not a bunch of leaders, celebs and gurus learned to reinvent White cleverness of last century and poisoned public and social service cultures of this country... some of its effects are already apparent, and some will be in the near future.

Mark up a typical civics book diagram of "how a bill becomes a law" with all the updated influences of lobbyists, pledge list, funding, attack ads, dark markets, etc etc. Calling for commitment and energy and awareness of power, but doesn't discuss the electorate's complicity in giving power to idiots. The old saw "give power only to those who don't want it" is now further than ever from what is really going on. Exciting, provocative, frustrating, and empowering civic process. Can technologists develop an effective response to the poisoning of the planet in time to make a difference?

Those inspired here could turn into power addicts, starting out with altruistic notions of reform and then seduced, or defeated, by the existing power structure. Understanding power can just as easily lead to seeking it for personal reasons, same as everyone else, as it can for altruistic reasons. With great power comes great responsibility, but only in a game space without lawyers. The abstract 'people' you hold in your mind as the ones for whom you fight and suffer can become a wavering image that doesn't match the apathetic cattle you are appealing to. And then you see the methods of your opponents the most clearly - methods that have worked all down throughout human history.

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