Solution Point • 8 July 2012

Natural Essentials is a UK based  supplier of vitamins, minerals, health supplements and a wider range of other health care and well being products. We have developed complete web presence from them, starting from domain name to social media promotions and more...

Web Concept and Technology Development: We have conceptualised, developed and promoted their e-commerce cum CMS Portal website involving Dedicated Linux VPS Hosting, LAMP Development, SEO, SEM, Google PPC, SMO, Facebook and Twitter campaigns, widgets and applications.

The salient features of the resulting web portal were; 1. Development of database-driven + multi-user e-commerce catalog site + standard info pages. 2. Integrated single-point back-end system to easily manage all content, products, orders & customers. 3. Customer Join, Shopping Cart, Payment, Photo, Comments, etc. 4. Integration of Signup, Order Placement, Invoicing, Shipping Quotes, Payments. 5. Mass-mailing system for creating & managing periodic newsletters & subscribers, 6. Offer Code System integration with Shopping Cart, 7. Postal Code System integration with Shopping Cart, 8. Order Export System in Excel CSV format for further use by CRM/ERP systems, 9. Maintenance: Ongoing Updates & Backups and more..
SEO Challenges: Natural essentials or alternative healthcare products industry is very competitive in European markets, especially United Kingdom, which was our client's primary target market. Our challenges were to promote the website in order to make it visible in the highly competitive online alternative healthcare industry of UK.

SEO Implementation & Maintenance: For establishing a presence on search engines and attract buyers, we have used both Pay Per Click-through (PPC) and Search Engine Optimisation. Tasks involved were online PR campaigns, lead generation, referral systems to name just a few tools and channels.

PPC Campaign: We have setup Google Adwords and Yahoo SM Campaigns and optimized them for placing on the Search Engines Results Pages (SERPs). We continues to manage which SERPs their website shows up on by analysing daily reports and bidding on right key word and phrases.

SMO Campaign: We helped them to establish on social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, MySpace, etc and reach out to millions of potential customers. We continue to manage their fan pages, tweets, PR, virals etc. on social media and other related networks.

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Online Business Results: now gets hundreds of hits per day from various sources and they are getting orders on regular basis. We also provide them visitor and activity reports on regular basis. It has become popular site attracting UK visitors and the client has already achieved impressive returns on investment.

Client Comments: Our objective to showcase and sell products online to UK Customers Segment was beautifully implemented by Solution Point. Appreciate their professional approach - Stanny

Company: Natural Essentials Ltd.
Target Market: UK & Europe
Business: Alternative healthcare products


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