Diet plan for kids swimming 1 Hour Per Day

Sudhir Panda • 2 April 2017

Breakfast: The most important.

1 cup of Oats with milk
2 pieces wholegrain toast
2 eggs on wholegrain toast
Pre-workout snack

Glass of milk and a banana
Sprout butter on bread
Grapes / Apple
Badam Nuts / dried fruit
Post workout meal

After exercise you will need protein to help your poor muscles recover. Make protein shake – there’s a good article on making shakes at home here – and add half a banana.

Chicken with noodles
Mutton with bread
Potato with chilli / beans / broccoli / peas
Egg / beans on toast


Healthy main meals don’t have to be complicated or boring. You simply need to ensure you have variety in your diet so you get all the nutrients you need. You can find out more about healthy meals here. For a main meal in your daily meals plans we suggest ONE of the following:

Chicken Noodles broccoli peas OR
2 Ghee Chapati with low fry potatoes / tomatoes / beans/ cauliflower/ peppers


Not everyone likes to have something before going to bed. But if you are doing a lot of exercise you might want to consider some badam milk before bedtime to give your muscles an extra boost.