Whistleblower says Facebook data scandal is "the canary in the coal mine"

Sudhir Panda • 31 May 2018

This weekend, while Facebook was quibbling about whether the information used by Cambridge Analytica to target voters in the lead up to the 2016 election was obtained in a data “breach” or somehow using fraudulent means, I decided to check my privacy settings.

Since creating a Facebook in 2006, I have associated my account with 100 separate third party apps. Besides common ones like Spotify, Venmo, and Uber, I have given access to my account to apps like “Typing Maniac,” “I bet I can guess your favorite color,” and “Crazy Cabbie,” among others. Many of these apps I remember only as a faint memory. According to these settings, however, lots of these apps still have access to the same information Cambridge Analytica used to target Facebook users with political ads that helped Donald Trump win the 2016 presidential election.

Typing Maniac—a game I vaguely remember from college—has access to my public profile, my friend list, my relationship status, my “relationship interests,” my birthday, my work history, my status updates, my education history, my events, my hometown, my current city, photos I’m tagged in and that I’ve uploaded, my religious and political views, my videos, my website, my personal description, and my “likes.”

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