Yoga Classes In Noida

Henry Brown • 8 June 2018

All of us are aware that Yoga is one those forms which helps us to strengthen our physical, mental and spiritual strength as well. Every day, people get to know about the various Yoga techniques that have numerous benefits. It is India where the roots of Yoga are located. As all of us at PowerYogaStudio, celebrated the International Yoga Day on 21st June with the world, we would like to tell you about the several benefits that Yoga has over your health. It is due to our hectic daily schedule that we miss out on the Yoga classes. However, do you know that there are certain Yoga apps which can help you to make up for the Yoga classes that you’ve missed.

So, mentioned below is the list of Yoga apps that can help you to practice Yoga

1. Pocket Yoga
This is one of those apps which is compatible on both Android and iOS platforms. This one of the best Yoga apps and helps you control the background theme and try the various Yoga postures. It instructs you on what to do and how to do. It also mentions about the time of inhaling and exhaling. You even have the freedom to chose the difficulty and duration level.

2. Daily Yoga
Daily Yoga is yet another efficient app compatible on iOS and Android platforms. It has numerous yoga poses and on a regular basis provides for 100 yoga and meditation classes. It offers for the yoga poses on the different difficulty levels. It also records the data and informs you about your performance. It informs you about how much calorie you’ve burnt and your improvements in the field. The app even gives you the allowance to share your yoga moments.

3. Global Yoga Academy App
This app too like the previous two apps is compatible on the iOS and Android platforms. It allows you to choose a duration from that of 5 minutes up to 60 minutes. It aims at letting you improve your flexibility, strength and the balance. The app also has some yoga tips which can help you to treat your back-pain problems. The app also provides information for poses as well as nutrition.

4. FitStar Yoga
This yoga is compatible for iOS run devices. The great part is that this yoga app features the yoga sensation, Tara Stiles. It is your personal trainer that helps you reach your goal of staying fit and being healthy. It has strict routine which wouldn’t allow you to miss out on any session.

5. Pranayama
Yoga incorporates several breathing exercises. Universal Breathing- Pranayama, is an app which is compatible on the iOS and Android devices. This app helps you to develop your strength over controlling the inhale and exhale the breathing. It will assist you to inhale oxygen and exhale toxins. Practicing Pranayama for 15 minutes can help you to stay calm and relieve out the excess stress. Apart from it, there are several other benefits too which you can try.

We recommend that you take a dig on some of these apps and watch out your daily routine.