Shorter Gurugram Metro to add a quick vote-fetching feather

Anti Corruption • 14 April 2018
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As per media reports, Gurugram Metro extension was cut-short to add a quick vote-fetching feather for current dynasty of hypers. Despite a majority of the residents in favour of the route that went up to Dwarka, the political class just keep fooling apartment buyers in those areas in association with smart builders cum party funders, as usual. Buyers hard earned money in authoritative custody of mere looters. Gurgaon, despite being so close to the airport, has been waiting indefinitely for this crucial access, probably punished for its relatively wiser citizens rejecting the hype parties full of agents & landlord goons - left, right & center. Govt changes its mind depending on voting melas, seems like no Dwarka-Gurugram Metro in near future, a proposed route of 27km route, from Huda City Centre to Dwarka via Hero Honda Chowk and the railway station is sidelined with delay mantras after all builders are allowed to trap working-class buyers with rosy "Dwarka Expressway Metro" coming soon ads in last 2 years.

Aiming to boost a pollution free public transportation system in the Millennium City, the Gurugram Metro Development Authority (GMDA) has proposed some 27 km-long elevated metro project connecting Huda City Centre with Dwarka sector 21 station in Delhi. Considering foolball fever, such proposals are good balls to kick as it suits.


Compared to some metro progress in Noida, greater Noida and Noida extension, what's happening in Gurgaon is called just JIKR (time pass discussion). As elections are approaching, we will see more of these sort of announcements but nothing or just token ads banners on ground. Plan comprising 21 elevated metro stations and one maintenance depot at Dhankot was reported to have been delayed in favour of a short project which will be added on minister's crown before next voting drama. (Source: TOI & India Today)

The Delhi metro was introduced in June 2010 with only five stations covering a stretch of about 6 km from Guru Dronacharya metro station to Huda City Centre. Since then, the network has not expanded further in Gurugram to connect more localities and facilitate pollution-free public transportation at a low cost to residents. Even the privately funded rapid metro is limited to Cyber City, DLF City and sector 56. The rest of Gurugram is completely dependent on time consuming road travel.

Right now, Dwarka does not have direct bus routes to places such as Subhash Chowk, Hero Honda Chowk, Sector 37 and other old city localities. People have to change DTC or Haryana Roadways buses at the bus stand and IFFCO Chowk and then find another way to reach there using the Delhi-Gurugram expressway. So what, the shameless ministers and its horse riding gang of chelas have SUVs burning public resources.

The areas between sector 37 to Hero Honda Chowk are known for industrial units, while Sohna Road is famous as a trade and business hub, BPO centres and high-profile residential localities. A large number of residents living in Dwarka come to these places daily using personal vehicles.

Since the short route at present has not been connecting a majority of residential localities in the city, top decision-makers of the state had for long hinted at finalising a longer route, provided the public mood was favouring the current maharaja's.

Anti Corruption

Keep aside the financial jargons; stock, insurance or chit fund investments are no more than a "glorified version of traditional gambling". Its worse if the only institutions answerable to commoners i.e. representative govt also joins the loot bandwagon.. modern governments are extra prompt only for matters related to tax collections and intruding as many voters possible, by hook or crook. Everything else, good or bad, are just by god's grace, whatever the populists shout in rallies.

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