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Sponsorship Advertising Information – Advertisement Rates & Media Kit: Real Estate Times is a community-driven eMagazine and Social Media Portal (no print version available) and is divided into different Sections – all frequently updated. Covers Residential and Commercial Real Estate News, including Buyer Advice, Seller Advice, Borrower Advice, New Homes, Home Loans, Interior and Architecture, Agency Trends, Realty Jobs, Events, Exhibitions, Meetups, Rental Advice, Announcements, Location Reports and Special Columns.


We normally do not send push emails unless there is a genuine sponsor and worthy message. We are not directly involved in real estate business.

Do not track visitors or subscribers, stats are not recorded for reporting. Special Ad campaign and PR activities are undertaken for a fixed monthly service fee, we do not work on basis of inventory, CPC, PPC, CPM, third-party scripts, etc.. We like it being a clean community media portal, with less commercial interests & clutter.

We can publish client banner ads (simple HTML and banners only) for few days, so you can track results yourself and decide to continue if it match your goals. We prefer this rather than sending you tall claims and fancy numbers.

Sponsorship fee for priority banner ads for a monthly fee – send your banner with click link, no scripts or codes will be accepted. You’re free to submit normal content like any other member, fee is asked only if you contact us for special treatment.

Ads on mobile apps & social media are very less, for existing verified sponsors only. We believe anonymity in real estate business is food for fraudsters, those who cannot be transparent must not be part of our network. Choose among many other brand hypes and be happy.

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For sponsorships or paid advertising write to us. Login to submit a property listing or post a blog or press story for free by yourself. Use contact form for general feedback or editorial requests or if you’ve something worth informing or suggesting. As a policy, we do not interact with anonymous callers, send us your full profile before calling for discussion (By order of Portal Manager and Editor).

Why Advertise with us? While conventional media fearfully follows a conformist script, Real Estate Times is fresh, astringent, unique and unafraid. Hence we are liked by readers who are well educated, transparent and influential within their communities. Real Estate Times is much more than a news magazine, we offer digital assets to our partners to communicate with all users and visitors through press releases, listings, tips / advise, investment guides, new project launch ad banners, industry reports, events, jobs, company profiles, etc.

Real Estate Times is aimed at discerning, mature, educated global readers and investors under served by a media obsessed with rumour, bias and ephemera. In a world of rapid financial change, Real Estate Times will be an indispensable resource and companion to real estate businesses, policy makers, individual and institutional investors. Partner with us to experience the difference!

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