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Dana Morgenstein, Outreach and Communications Coordinator Free Software Foundation 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, Massachusetts 02110-1335 United States

This exploitation has extended into the age of data, where corporate agriculture tech giants sell proprietary software to farmers that funnel enormous amounts of valuable data into closed and proprietary databases (Sources for BIG data), which is then used to sell more seed, inputs, and hardware back to the farmers.

Hosting your conferences and online classes freely is absolutely possible. You do not have to compromise freedom or waste public funds to buy those licenses from big brands when you want to connect to your community, and you most certainly do not have to settle for proprietary spying software to communicate.

We are seeing how the monopolistic repair and lobbying practices of medical device companies are making our response to the coronavirus pandemic harder. Free software activists, as well as many scientists and medical professionals, have long since realized that proprietary Read more…

As a maker I enjoy taking things apart and putting them back together; be it mechanical, wood, or software. Free software allows us to look deep into the internals of a system and figure out why and how it works. Only through openness, transparency, and accountability do we learn, ask questions, and progress forward.

For upcoming International Women’s Day it’s the perfect opportunity to highlight accomplishments of few of the amazing women in free software we’ll be featuring soon. Many women are doing exciting and important work that ties into our “Free the Future” Read more…