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In the last 20 years, India’s urban population has become more migratory than ever before. Urban centres like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai et al attract large numbers of urban professionals and students and as a result there’s a large floating population of tenants in these cities. Leasing out houses and flats is big business in these cities and rents have skyrocketed in the past few years. This also means that the number of tenant-landlord disputes has also risen.
Here are the few issues that many tenants face in our country India.
Security deposit refund
Rents hikes
Repairs and Maintenance
Annoying neighbours
Location safety
Notice period
Finding a place you like, signing in the rental agreement and moving in will seem to be easy, but the reality is more complex. Most of the owners get so possessive towards their property and passes awful instructions where the tenants find annoying. As many are feeling house hunting is a daunting task including issues.
So where does this leads currently?
The key is to make sure that you know more about the landlord’s credentials and to establish a fairly trustworthy and straightforward relationship with him or her.
And how shall we find a house that you can call home and be at peace away from the above troubles?
Presenting an online community for sharing reviews about your current or past experience of renting a House/P.G./Service Apartment. An exclusive review platform for sharing your rental house experience. Your reviews can help other tenants who are planning to rent the same house.
You could also search for house/owner reviews, if planning to rent a house. | Rental House Reviews

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