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China, EU, Canada, US are taking a closer look at Google, India will catch small fishes

First the search giant attracted almost universal opprobrium and a tonne of legal headaches when it accidentally recorded personal data from unprotected wireless networks in various countries. Then some much-hyped new services flopped in particular Google Wave. It faces formal investigation by the European Union into allegations that it has Continue Reading

India Showcased Fastest Growth in E-commerce Market

• e-Commerce market develops in spite of the monetary slowdown. • Japan, South Korea and Australia are saturated e-Commerce markets. • Web based retailing is seen as a convenience channel for shopping. Online Retailing in Asia-Pacific, 2019-2024; Market Dynamics, Retail Trends and Competitive Landscape offers vast knowledge on the changing Continue Reading

How to end rising terror threat of “Bhakt India Company”? Renaissance = Original Vedic fights for truth & justice!

Backlash is Vidyasagar when an ideal-less, religion-trading, fame-mongering and capital-motivated “Bhakt India Company” daringly abuse power to divide, bribe, jugaad, riot, viral and annex for expansion of its profiteering anti-national / anti-social empire, every state and culture is not as tolerant as 3rd century Kalinga!

Made in India E-Commerce Portal: Buy / Sell Indian Products Online

Indian Products have become so popular with the emergence of globally local business practices. Internet has given chance to many manufacturers and entrepreneurs to adapt new concepts. Businesses following the right course are flourishing like never before with due credit to the internet that has engulfed the business sector by Continue Reading

India Nutraceuticals Market Outlook

With High Prevalence of Lifestyle & Unknown Diseases coupled with Rising Awareness to Foster Future Growth this provides a comprehensive analysis of India nutraceuticals market. This focuses on overall market size for India nutraceuticals market, India nutraceuticals market segmentations on the bases of dietary supplements, functional food & beverages and Continue Reading



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