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Breakfast cereals are increasing popularity and are reflected by rapid consumption growth rate. Western breakfast cereals are limited to urban areas. The breakfast cereals are focused mainly on children because of the increasing number of working women. The breakfast cereals are categorized into hot cereals and ready-to-eat cereals. It may include coffee with fruit, cereal bars, toast, bagels, cheese, croissants, and yoghurt drinks. The top three companies in the global market are Cereal Partners, General Mills, and Kellogg’s. The market for the breakfast cereal is growing at a steady rate earning revenue worth millions.

According to market research firm Ken Research, urbanization and convenient stores are the growing preferences for convenient breakfast cereal foods due to increase in the number of working women. The production of breakfast cereals has limited access to palm oil therefore helping it to be one of the key factors to control growth in this sector.

Breakfast cereal is a product made from processed grains and eaten hot or cold as the first meal of the day. Consumers are increasingly looking for health and wellness at the start of the day. As a result, they are looking at breakfast with desire for protein, fiber, vitamins and calcium. According to the consumer taste majority of the breakfast cereals are manufactured with less salt and sugar.

Algeria is the second largest country in Africa and is targeted by future marketing campaigns related to breakfast cereals. The government of Algeria is targeting the next five years on infrastructure, coupled with strong fundamentals to provide a suitable platform for breakfast cereals market growth. The technology is expanding with its impact on our daily lives; therefore, it leaves less time for formal meals. Breakfast cereals markets are focussing on fresh, quality, and taste. The frozen breakfast foods provide consumers complete breakfast without commotion. Now-a-days frozen market growth is soaring very high due to its demand.

The emerging economics are driving for a major growth in the breakfast cereals with the change in breakfast habits. The increasing preference of western dietary patters has led to the growth of growth of breakfast cereals market. There is tremendous growth opportunity in breakfast cereals market due to the innovation in the products with flavours and organic ingredients.
The breakfast cereals are classified according to the product type, ingredient type, distribution channels and geography. The major ingredients in breakfast cereals are rice, wheat, corn, barley, and oats, wherein rice based products are in huge demand. The major distribution channels for breakfast cereal products are at the stores, therefore, more convenient stores were set up.
The manufacturers improved the products health profiles by introduced front-of-pack nutritional labels and introduced healthier variants. They also introduced the word antioxidants which became an important point for consumers.

Ccranberry induced breakfast was the fourth-leading flavour in breakfast cereals having antioxidant benefits. The breakfast cereal included berries and fruits representing an innovative way of manufacturers while maintaining a strong health profile. Natural fruit sugar was more accepted source of sugar than that derived from sugar cane because of its high nutritional value. Keeping in mind about consumer agenda, the fruit-rich cereals are now popular and the market is very high.

Macro and micro factors affect breakfast cereal markets on a global scale and regional scale. Hot breakfast cereals anticipate more market growth in the future compared to ready-to-eat cereals. Global breakfast cereals market gave rise to many opportunities. Identify key companies that can influence breakfast cereals on a regional scale and global scale.

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