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How is the UAE Genset Market Positioned? The UAE genset market has been witnessing considerable year on year growth over the past decade as the number of small and medium businesses (SMB’s) and other big infrastructure development such as Dubai land, expansion of Jebel Ali zone have continuously risen the demand for gensets. In 2016 total sales of gensets in the UAE market was~ units. The market is largely dominated by four players namely CAT, FG Wilson Himoinsa and MTU cumulatively accounting for a revenue share of ~% in terms of sales volume during 2016.

The UAE’s genset market has been projected to observe considerable growth over the coming years as the country’s spending on commercial development amplifies. UAE genset market has been driven by imports over the past five years. Manufacturers import the genset from other countries in the UAE market and sells directly to the customer as the demand arises or they sell it through the dealers in the UAE market.

Which Segments have Been Driving the Change?
Segmentation by Type of genset
Closed type is the most ~ genset type in the UAE due to its benefits like soundproof and dust proof. Closed-type gensets are really very beneficial to protect the gensets from dust and sand. Moreover, closed type gensets are sound proof and therefore they are useful in places like schools, hospitals and offices. Although closed types of gensets are ~% expensive as compared to open type but still ~% of gensets in the UAE is closed type and the only reason for the same is benefits of the product.

By KVA Rating
Below 100 KVA have gathered the ~ share of ~% in the UAE genset market as of 2016, by revenue. As of 2016, there are around ~ SMEs in UAE that account for around ~% private-sector employment Gensets of 100-350 KVA accounted for a share of ~% in the revenues of the UAE genset market as of 2016. Gensets from this category generate large demand from medium sized companies in the UAE, due to which they have accounted the second largest share in the market.

By End Users
Government projects and transportation sector is the biggest customer of the gensets in the UAE market. Gensets with power capacity of more than 1 MVA is required to supply electricity to Projects like metro, Railways, Airports and city festivals.

Commercial building generates the second highest demand for gensets in the UAE market. Commercial building generates the demand of gensets of capacity ranging between 500 KVA-1,000KVA. Construction and industrial sector generates high demand for gensets as for construction projects and oil and gas extraction plants; gensets are the only source of power supply and various industries needs gensets for the power backup to run their machinery. Then there is other end user such as healthcare industry, residential sector, education sector which demands gensets in the UAE market.

How Has Imports Driven UAE Genset Market?
Majority of the players are importing complete units of gensets while a few others are importing the engines and assembling them in their warehouses. Machinery accounts for the largest share in the total imports of the UAE as the country is not considered a manufacturing hub for electrical items such as gensets. This is due to high cost of investment required for setting up a manufacturing unit in the country.

Which are the Top Companies in UAE Genset Market?
The UAE Gensets market is led by three players i.e. CAT, FG Wilson and Himoinsa. These three players accounted for a combined revenue share of ~% in 2016. CAT’s gensets is significantly popular within the UAE due to high distribution network and high resale value and therefore it has accounted for highest share in the market during 2016. CAT is highly dominant in above 100 KVA segment of the market. FG Wilson has good presence in the above 730 KVA segment.

How Is The UAE Genset Market Expected To React In Future?
The UAE genset market has been projected to grow from USD ~ million in 2017 to USD ~ million in 2018 reflecting a growth of ~%. The market growth will be witnessed majorly on the grounds of growing number of SMB’s in the UAE. Numbers of SMB’s in the UAE have surged from ~ thousand in 2010 to ~ thousand in 2016 and the number is expected to grow at a much higher pace during the forecast period. One of the major demand for gensets comes from construction sector, it has been projected that construction sector of the UAE will rise to USD ~ million from ~ million in 2017 which will further increase the demand for gensets in the UAE market. The UAE genset market has been projected to grow from USD ~ million in 2019 to USD ~ million in 2021.

Companies Cited in the Report
FG Wilson
Himoinsa Major Players
Atlas Copco

Key Factors Considered in the Report
UAE Genset Market Size by Revenue
Value chain analysis
UAE Genset Market Segmentation
by type of genset
by power rating
by end user
by rental and direct sales
Snapshot on rental genset market
Trends and developments in the UAE genset market
Government rules and regulations
Import scenario in the UAE genset market
Porter Five Forces Analysis of the UAE Genset Market
Competitive Landscape in the UAE Genset Market
Future Outlook and Projections of the UAE Genset Market
Analyst recommendation
Macro Economic Variables, 2011-2021

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