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Ken research has released recent report on the growth estimates of the global mug industry. The report titled “global mug industry in-depth investigation and analysis report 2017” studies global growth trends of the mug industry, with focus on north America, Europe, China, Japan, southeast Asia and India. It provides useful data on mug production, consumption, revenue, import and export in these regions, from 2011 to 2016, and also has forecast up to 2020. The report discusses external environment analysis including environment analysis and economic analysis. It details information on capacity, production and revenue analysis.
The report illustrates that the mug industry market is saturated in economically developed regions. However, the demand for mugs is rising in emerging economies such as china, India, and brazil. The demand is likely to show a steep increase in future. Currently the global consumer mug market is dominated by the United States, Europe, Japan, and China. They account for nearly half the consumer market share.
According, to our analysts the average output growth rate of mug industry in china is likely to increase rapidly in near future. The mug market remains promising in the emerging economies, for investors. The statistics and research information provided by the report is of value in guiding companies, investors and business persons who are interested in mug market.
Regions and countries covered in the report
North America
Industry outlook
The mug industry is diverse in terms of products with companies offering customized products. From the classic old plane mugs to mugs adorned with celebrity pictures, there are a whole lot of products to cater to customer needs. Mugs are a great gifting option apart from their normal daily use in homes or offices. With a cagr of 2.2% for five years, the mug industry has good growth prospects in future.
The growth in the mug industry can be due to a variety of reasons among them is the use of innovative designs that attract the costumers. A change in technology has also lead to boon of mug industry. With advances in colouring and designing of the mug, has made them more marketable.
Overall, it appears that the developing economies are soon going to catch the developed countries in terms of the global consumer market share for the mug industry.
Key Factors Considered in the Report
Global Mug Industry Research
US Mug Industry Market Forecast
Europe Mug Industry Research
Japan Mug Industry Research
China Mug Industry Research Report

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