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Ken research has announced recent research report titled, “Guatemala Beer Market Insights Report 2016 “. This influential research analysis surrounds the dynamics and structure of the Guatemala beer industry, from the latest cutthroat aptitude of both historical and anticipated trends to augment the corporate strategic planning for key players. Company has evaluated the current emerging trends and development break throughs for brand evolvement and advertising initiatives. To scrutinize domestic and imported beer brand performance analyst determines the key trends driving expenditure fondness to develop a competitive advantage. Finally, cross-examine the inimitable granularity of data to analyse the market on a range of stages to make well-informed pronouncement on future intimidation and enlargement prospects in the marketplace.
The tourism industry is quite vigorous in Guatemala. People are attracted to the beautiful paved streets, the magnificent central square enjoying the green lushes, enchanting music and liveliness of the city. Inexpensive and flavoured Beer is also a point of draw for the visitors. Gallo, 118 years old, is Guatemala’s most famed beer.
There has been an evident fall in beer consumption in Guatemala. This has been witnessed for the first time in comparison to other countries and has been affected by multiple factors. Strong beers above 5.5% Abv saw greater growth than the lower strength segments. AB InBev is the world’s one of the largest beer company and Brahva that they brew locally has emerged as a direct competitor to Gallo in recent years. These companies have been tied up in severe price war and therefore have reduced profits individually. Until few years ago, one could not find the other multinational brands in beer market in Guatemala. This has been another significant reason for the fall in beer consumption.
Hence, Guatemalans’ preference towards hard liquor also contributed to the drop in beer volume. Guatemala’s falling beer consumption is mainly attributed to the recent El Nino. This has disrupted the normal lifestyle of the locals. Not that it is just confined to adversely affecting them, it has bought along with it major droughts where people fight for basic subsistence. It has misbalanced the weather patterns forming a chain reaction of undesirable events. Another major reason surfaced was the political disorder, which has again hindered with public consumption patterns. The low investment in domestic growth has altered the growth patters and hence there disposable incomes. Guatemala is strategically important to Mexico and El Salvador for beer export. However, the import demand from these countries has seen a major setback in 2016.
The price war that had affected the competition between leading companies Cervecería Centroamericana SA (CCA) and AmBev Centroamérica SA (AmBev) is over now. The average unit price of beer has been lowered so much that consumers now buy beer based on their taste preference rather than on the lowest unit price. CCA has a firm monopoly in beer industry due to first mover advantage and a well-established market since 1887. Mexico continues to be the main country importing beer to Guatemala. All these have lowered Guatemala’s beer consumption as of 2016.

Ken Research
Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications

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