Big Ideas that can change the Indian Education Scene for Better

Sudhir Panda • 14 May 2016

Raise the bar, reset the goals of public universal education from merely getting a seat in a branded shop, a govt job, become a doctor or engineer, pocket a 6 figure salary to something much higher, much spiritual - towards justifying our birth,towards injecting moral, empathetic and ethical examples into living beings and to please the invincible creators watching us 24/7, don't let them shame on their beautiful creations being converted into slaves of few greedy bugs.

The future of education is a much talked about theme to address learning crisis that threatens development in India, where half the population is under 25 - absent teachers, lack of incentives and low standards force Indians, rich and poor, into privately run corporate business schools. Change agents in education need to place students in the center and leverage teachers and technology in ways that will support anytime anywhere learning. This will in turn help students as learners to hone skills and knowledge that will allow them to succeed and sustain themselves in the world of tomorrow.

Some teachers even enjoy higher standard of living thanks to profit making private training units, but it is also counterproductive, attracting the wrong kind of morally corrupt educators, there is no obvious reward for performance and children are promoted automatically to boost rankings, ROI and stats. The Big Factors research and planning that will act as change agents for the future in education include:youth-led innovation high-impact service learning, technology and removal of cronies.

Youth-led innovation - A build to understand concept centered in the creation of real-world solutions can revamp curriculum and assessment. Passion-based problem-solving with real world implications will be the focus of education. Schools will become centers where students will test the practical application of their ideas and innovations. This radical method of learning will transform assessment methods as well. Skills acquired through youth-led innovation will be documented learning paths outlined and thereafter credits awarded.

High-impact service learning – coordinated and targeted community service and development initiatives taken up by schools. This includes but is not limited to focused student led activities like water monitoring / conservation health and hygiene activism energy inspections / preservation and the like. Schools will serve as vehicles of high-impact service learning and social action that will create the framework to facilitate sustainable communities.

Technology - the importance of technology in education can hardly be overemphasized. Classrooms across the world are and will undergo transformation. Virtual classrooms flat classroom projects wikis and clouds are already part of the jargon that students are familiar with. For many schools one-to-one education represents the ultimate in technology infusion; introduction of one-to-one laptop program as a paradigm shift in how instruction is delivered. That shift has already occurred in one form or another at all major colleges and universities in the West; thus a rigorous college preparatory education must include one-to-one learning immersion. 21st century schools commit to the academic infusion of technology and education. Skills we impart to our students will give them the competitive advantage to succeed in the world of tomorrow.

Removal of Cronies and Branding Gurus from Education System: This will not be a simple or popular idea, but contribute to almost 80% of the filthy scene.

The future of education begins today. Tangible ideas that will transform the scene of education can be uncovered by making educated predictions. However the youth of tomorrow will define their learning methods in ways that cannot even be fathomed today!


Get freedom from mushrooming eLearning Apps and Portals merely meant for profiteering via copying from old digital materials and slowly shutting down free Internet resources. To safeguard interests of future kids, we must stop colonization of education by modern business cronies by creating and sharing community links.

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