The great resource waster called XXX Cricket is back to gambling glory!

Sudhir Panda • 30 March 2014

Thank god I stopped following cricket a few years back for good reasons. Young India should not waste it's precious time, energy, or thoughts on something that is beyond control, just for bucks, sounds fixed with stinking corruption ... Only the crazy lot who have lots of time to waste can watch such senseless games of cricket re-mix, money spinning, endless corruption.. Some say that fixing scandals are linked to the D Company, so what when REAL companies and power bhakts are doing the same or worse, officially. Maybe few big sponsors, political / sarkari proxies and supporters will back out this tamasa for a while, but they will come back again, after all there is huge money and fame at stake. IPL has taken cricket to an uncharted territory while ethical cricket is disappearing. Other real games like Hockey, Football, Cycling, Swimming, Gymnastics etc are either neglected or just done for formal showoffs and to exhaust federation budgets.

Whom are they really looting & fooling? Only you and me - the common crazy Indian followers on whose behalf they drum worldwide and grab cuts! Yes, and the owners, players, sponsors, controlling boards, politicians, media, governments, law / security agencies, etc.. are rarely affected by such acts, except when situation is hot for 1/2 days. Who can stop these bookies, touts and agents (and why?) when a few hundred kings and queens sitting on top (in states and center) dare to loot from hard-earned cash reserve of a billion+ Indians in both hands in association with friends and family.

For Cricket punters it's big money, needless to say, they love it, and the IPL, seems booming. Hardly a news that Bollywood stars and the so-called franchise owners are always after quick money, like their counterparts in politics and big business. For advertisers, the cricket fans in India are an especially enticing crowd, with around 45% of them free-spending 15-35 year old folks with plenty of time to indulge in hype stuffs influenced by head-less leaders. An early breakdown for the last season also shows a significant hike in the number of women watching, to around 38% of the total audience. These figures indicate an unparalleled opportunity to get into the heads of India’s vast and growing middle class, indirectly educating them that corruption is all well. By contrast, the last opening match of the hockey world cup, the premier tournament for what is arguably India’s second-favorite sport, drew only 8m viewers last month - though it was held in Delhi and pitted India against Pakistan.

There are enough reasons why we must start to dislike and fight against such Cricket Corruption Tournaments, and boycott using products and services offered by BIG sponsors and media houses who are just looking for more customers to fool using cricket emotion! Why not watch the greed in existing World Heavyweight Championships instead?

No more than a game of big brand sponsors, big TRP, big money, big boss! Do you know, the Indian team have traveled round the world, 19000 kms to South Africa, just to fun play a one-off T20 game before coming back again for IPL some time back? Imagine the long travel and misuse of resources just to play a three hour game - 30000 Indians could have been out of poverty with such spending! The IPL ceremonies are merely a showcase of greed and sheer waste of money showcasing half-nude women and useless extravaganza.

Anti Corruption

Painted #BCCI proxies at #Bangladesh #AsiaCup #Cricket Cashcow? #T20Power diluting #Lodha pills to restore #AccheDin! oh #IndvsPak.. yeh kya hua, kaise hua, kab hua kyon hua, jab hua, tab hua oh chodo, yeh na socho yeh kya hua... The #BCCI Comedy Nights Bachao #AntimicrobialResistance while 90% humans lack access to safe water, food & air

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  • Sudhir Panda

    Imported #NFL from a nation of 100 times per capita income in the form of #IPL franchise company just for benefit of existing #T20 cronies and creating sporting nationalism hysteria with direct involvement of the state in promoting the games - no wonder charged nationalistic street fights and shouting #JusticeForDrNaranga.

    Much better idea is to run Govt sponsored education programs in same painted stadiums gathering the backwards and cash-loving babus parade in thousands. In Incredible Cinema-Cricket Craze of India: "SaviNeta Meharban toh AbhiNeta Pehalban, KabiJanta गुमनाम: #BCCI as अतुल्य Surgical Strikers of #Cricket Cashcow".. maybe after 50 years, a concept like #IPL will look sensible with a wiser population and voting class.

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  • Sudhir Panda

    Cheering for modern-day glorified IPL cricket celebrities? Do not forget to support branded slavery for bucks by watching such SuperBowl Games, we are now an enlightened race confronting the religious bat & ball, what success! Why do branded oligarchies like BCCI need any रामचंद्र? The masculine bhakt goons in-charge will do great job raping any culture!

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