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Solution Point is a no hype one-stop digital solutions provider – becoming mark of Trust, Simplicity, Reliability, Speed and Security on World Wide Web – (re) crafting FOSS web / mobile technologies for worthy results.

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As a year comes to a close, we look back with gratitude at all the learning opportunities that this wonderful world have given us in last years and decades. We had faced challenges together and emerged stronger with the experience. May we continue to collaborate and work together to help our fellow humans soar to greater heights.

Wishing you and every member of your family the very best for the coming years and decades.

Everyday users and privacy advocates found more reasons to be concerned about Apple. After one of those so-called latest version updates, users were unable to launch apps that were not Apple-marked. Problem was caused by one Apple server outage. But Read more…

Your mobile devices, local systems / Outlook / our servers / apps and passwords can be compromised, as there are now growing cases of malicious apps, data abuse, privacy theft and email frauds worldwide taking bad advantage of pandemic. Do not open or click unknown links and please use digital devices with precaution, don’t hesitate to ask someone reliable in case of doubts.

First, with the understanding that integration is systemic to the solution; thus, you need to design integration into the architecture. This is the optimal approach, but one that enterprises often don’t employ due budget and resource limitations (and I’ve heard many other excuses as well).

Our hosting services excel in terms of quality and functionality of the products and services that make people count on it. What makes them highly reliable and leading data center services provider in the market is the support from the clienteles that inspires to perform confidently and exceptionally in the field.

We believe this is a moment to use all of our creative people power to fight for a just, people-centered transition away from the systems behind these crises we face. This is not the moment to protest in the streets, nor the time to gather in-person in large groups for actions and mobilizations.

This pandemic has caused an enormous amount of changes in how people work, play, and communicate. By now, many of us have settled into the routine of using remote communication or videoconferencing tools to keep in touch with our friends Read more…

Scammers around the globe have begun to create and set up fraudulent websites, e-commerce platforms, fake social media accounts, free website offers and emails claiming to sell and deliver many bizarre COVID-19 rescue packs. In some cases, they use the names of known companies involved in the production and distribution of these items take advantage of pandemic confusions.

With global internet usage accelerating, social media remains deeply embedded into lives many online users. Approximately 4 billion+ users are now online, and social media consistently dominates as most visited websites. Some growth hacks you need to have in your media strategy to maintain success post 2020

Not ₹7500, its ₹980 for few days only!! The .GLOBAL is a Top-Level-Domain that identifies you as being a Global organization. .GLOBAL makes a definitive positioning statement signaling your International business operations – a strong and important message for organizations Read more…