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We are aware that even a small number of our domain hosting customers receive suspicious spam emails on frequent basis. There are a number of characteristics which confirm such scams, deliberately spammed by hypers. Many others comes to know instantly when customer buys or renews a domain name or other products from – though we do not employ aggressive mass mailing and other types of push promotions! The shrewd marketers and big daddies are possibly getting hold of domain owner info using various unscrupulous means, while our cost of honestly acquiring and retaining a customer is more than profits generated from reselling. It is matter of great concern for many small digital service businesses in India with open nexus of authorities preferring economies of scale to become mass famous + big cronies driven brands.

You may get urgent looking scary emails frequently. A lot of greedy registrars and fatty competitors make a living going around sending out e-mails and even snail mail or mass media stunts to try to get website domain owners to transfer away to them or pay for their services instead. Some services are legitimate, some are not; often sent prior to actually being needed or expiry dates. They are correct that you must keep your WHOIS information accurate and up to date or you could technically lose your domain, but that’s something you have to communicate to Solution Point, not some random third party registrar that you aren’t involved with.

If a third party registrar contacts you about your domain registered with Solution Point, just ignore it and mark as junk or act at your own risk. We never ask domain owners to share transfer secrets, passwords, customer ID or other sensitive information or ask to click on some suspicious link.

Such emails are never sent by Solution Point or other recognizable, reputable domain registrar. Most of them use generic names, such as “Asian Domain Registration Service” in your email, “China domain registration center”, or the like. The emails never have senders, headers, or signatures which explicitly link them with a registrar, and there is usually not even any accredited registrar with the right name.

The domain registrations are never being made by a recognizable company or organization. You’ve obscured the relevant name as “Some Other Corp, Ltd” here, but the names are often generic (“Foo Trading Co”) or incomprehensible (“FANGSHI Co”). Attempts to identify or contact them are never successful (or find only unrelated companies).

They are frequently sent in relation to a domain name which would be meaningless under an Asian top-level domain. Many of them involve domain names containing names of people or locations — for example, these types of emails might claim that a Chinese trading company is attempting to register the domain “” or “”. There is no apparent logic to these registrations.

Despite supposedly coming from many different registrars, these emails always follow a very similar format. There are multiple templates, so the wording can vary, but the formula is always precisely the same. In particular, the domain names being registered are ALWAYS only under “Asian” TLDs (typically .asia, .cn, .hk, .tw, and .in), never under any other TLDs. Additionally, many of these emails also claim that the bundle includes an “Internet keyword” or “Internet trademark”, which doesn’t even exist.

We have advised a very large number of our customers to disregard these emails, and not once has any of the domains mentioned actually been purchased by the individual or company that was supposedly attempting to acquire them. None of the people who have written about receiving these emails online has had this outcome, either. Everything points to these emails being a widespread scam, do not respond to such emails.

If you have any doubts, forward such emails to immediately and do not act unless you’re 100% sure.

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  1. Website or an app cannot 100% guarantee data security and privacy. There is some risk in both cases. Only advantage in your own website or a reliable cloud: You 100% own and control. In case of pure apps, there is Google, Apple, Could Provider, Third-Party licenses and many others in-between.. think about it and decide.

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