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Community activists are stars of International Day Against DRM

People all over the world spoke out against Digital Restrictions Management with flyering, rallies, jam sessions, and writings. The ninth International Day Against DRM was a landslide of community activism in support of media users’ rights. Protestors at the New York City Apple store were evicted by uncomfortable security guards. Principled cooks in Italy created […]

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Smart Loot, Chor Bhakti and The Developing Capitalist Empires – Jai Cutting Edge Tech Jugaad अफवाह!

Packaging, faking and selling अफवाह to shoot themselves millions of miles into deep space, while they’ll simply self-destruct midway along with all of this planet’s resources for its own luxurious death event greed.

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Cool apps exclude Conversation on Encryption, Backdoors, Going Dark, Cybersecurity: Severe Lack of Transparency

School managers are under pressure to employ technology to improve bottom-line. Even when negotiating tech vendors, their primary responsibility is not protect the privacy of their students, but stake-holders and pay-masters.

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Bringing politics under RTI will harm democracy!

It is not acceptable. We totally disagree with it. Such adventurous approach will create a lot of harm and damage to democratic institutions.. how dare the activists and citizens even dream of knowing how we the poor ruling kings, cronies and queens earn our living? It may increase transparency and help in curbing things like […]

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Still no sensible alternatives to counter private education profiteers!

Schools are for selfless transfer of knowledge upholding civilizational value systems, not capital hoarding machines, you should start a cool Amazon for that. Either you’re with future kids or dying for extra bucks / fame, no mid-way or centrist approach feasible, revolt by same children who are abused, gambled and tricked by the populists 24/7 will not be unusual.

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Where will the next generation of computer scientists be – in the laps of BIG cronies?

LOL and then do some ICMR type research to find why your parents didn’t invented an early warning system and heard rejections from mother’s womb instead of forcefully ejecting you to an uncool native state! At-least inject some vaccines in your own cool generation by hook or crook, become more wiser and helpful for next generations.

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All future patients pushed towards an acceptable & healthy medical profiteering industry

Who is opposing good medical science, but trusting capitalists is suicide! In extreme cases, remember a Goldman Sachs analyst told investors to AVOID investing in cures for diseases because there’s much more profit in treating symptoms while the people remain sick and blindly faithful towards big medicine + pharma syndicate.

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Vels institute of Hotel Management admissions

Vels institute of Hotel Management has invited applications for various hotel management courses for the academi year 2020-21. G Praful Reddy, Director of Vels institute of Hotel Management said that the institution offers courses including Diploma in Hotel Management, PG Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Food Production and Diploma in Food & Beverage Service, […]

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List of Good Schools in Delhi NCR by Wise Rank

List and Search for schools in NCR in simple text, without any fancy spices via some MOB app or marketing hype. To add a school, just signup and comment below: Lotus Petal Charitable Foundation Gali No. 5, Village Silokhera, Plot No.3 South City -1 Market, Beside Unitech House, Gurugram-122002 Greenwood Public School Kabir Colony, Ward […]

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Webinar on Key Account Management

Key accounts are not only you’re most valued clientele, but are also the accounts most likely targeted by your competition. Therefore, it is of significant importance to continuously advance one’s skills in developing and managing key accounts, to ensure you can retain your most important clients and simultaneously maintain your organization’s long term viability. This […]

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