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We would like to bring to your notice an important change taking place at the .IN Registry, NIXI, in the coming week. Please read on further to know the exact details.

What’s happening? Since 2005, it was Afilias that managed back-end operation for the .IN Registry. However, the .IN Registry is now transitioning to Neustar’s back-end technology, after Neustar rightfully won the mandate for being its back-end provider. The transition is scheduled to commence on February 27, 2019. The .IN Registry believes that this transition will bring about remarkable improvements to the Registry which will translate to a lot of benefits for its Registrars as well as customers.

The .IN Registry is now transitioning to Neustar

How does this impact you? In order to ensure a smooth implementation, the transition period will entail a maximum of 48-hour downtime starting from 23:59 IST on February 27, 2019 to 23:59 IST on March 1, 2019. During this maintenance window, new domain registrations, and updation and deletion of existing .IN and .भारत domains will be halted temporarily. Also, transfer codes for all .IN and .भारत domains will be reset at the Registry, and later in our system, post the migration.

  • This downtime on NIXI will in no way impact your domains or websites and they will continue to be functional.
  • Trust this information helps. For further details, please feel free to get in touch

Although the Registry aims at completing the transition much sooner in order to have minimum impact on the customers, they have advised their customers to expect the aforementioned restrictions for 48 hours on the said dates. Points to note if you are a .IN accredited Registrar: We recommend that you download any existing reports and invoices you may need from the Afilias web-based Admin Portal prior to 18:30 UTC on February 27, 2019 since they will no longer be available post the migrationYou are encouraged to reach out to your Account Manager for next steps and more details on this transition.

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