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Adulterants genetically lurk foods we eat every day – Bhakt Maggie is just a glorified tip!

Welcome to the new “pharmaceutically doped agriculture world”. Foods we eat every day are packed with things that are not supposed to be there – a practice done to papmer brands promoted by cronies with cute babus getting commissions to issue free run licences, clearances, asses or whatever! To reduce costs, maximize profits and enhance brand value, big brands & unscrupulous companies illegally cut primary ingredients with something less expensive or maybe explosive. Every minute we are bombarded with adverts showing celebrities endorsing items they rather not feed their beloved pets, hell with consumer fans as long their market value, media TRP and bank balance goes up.

We do so unwittingly because the impostor ingredients are very hard, if not impossible, for a common consumer to detect, you know well how the Govt testing labs works, bribe your way to success. There are no real challenges for so-called experts and agencies to detect food fraud, they are paid to suppress, smile and chant “all is well”. You will not notice any quality problems immersed in brand fantasies, and the contaminants are mostly unconventional, so most of the smart adulterants go unnoticed. And though adulterants are not instantly dangerous, they are here in fertilized veggies or cereals to medicated chicken and what not! Organic faming humans learned in thousands of years is out, economies of scale via GM food branding is the buzzword.

New methods have been developed since the discovery of the DNA structure in 1954. For instance, micro-organisms can be used to produce antibiotics, and the hereditary material in plants can be changed to make them resistant to pests or diseases. For example a gene from a bacterium can be inserted into a plant cell to provide resistance to insects. Such a transfer produces organisms referred to as genetically modified (GM) or transgenic. Genetically modified crops may have environmental effects as a result of changing agricultural or environmental practices. Science cannot declare any technology completely risk free, but few branded scientists can become innocent business crooks. Genetically engineered crops can reduce some environmental risks associated with conventional agriculture, but may also introduce new challenges. Society will have to decide when and where genetic engineering is needed.

In 20 years, the genetically modified processed food industry will be considered with same contempt as today’s tobacco, chewing gutkha or alcohol industry.. still worried about few alcoholic zombies? Agriculture produces in general and even baby foods are deliberately slow poisoned by greedy cronies for bucks! With so much hoopla on brands and celebrity adverts it is very difficult to find non-corrupt retailers who stock unbranded healthy, safe products, and if you get sick or food poisoning, the healthcare departments and doctors are no less adulterants. They will in fact be delighted to know the future generations are branded Maggified…. more bucks to make, more points to score! Live in mess until the band of messiahs land somewhere from heaven, literally.

Sudhir Panda

No bhakt of any popular gangs, an irrepressible autodidact, pure blunt+ ideas on politics, economics, technology, culture, etc, do not fit any known ideologies. Tweets at

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