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Asia’s coolest & the most advanced training program on Hacking & Security LCEH | Lucideus Certified Ethical Hacker. Buckle up as you are about to be bombarded with doses of awesomeness like never before.
And guess what, it gives you placement if you fair well in the examination.

So what is this training all about?

It’s a training program where you will get to see and try by your own hands how a real world hacker works so that you can defend yourself from the attacks.

We have following courses designed for you

Course Name
Delivery Mode
Duration Per Day
No Of Days
Course Duration
Regular (Mon-Fri)
2 Hours
20 Days
40 Hours
Regular (Mon-Fri)
2 Hours
20 Days
40 Hours
LCEH G1 + G2
Regular (Mon-Fri)
2 Hours
40 Days
80 Hours
Weekend (Sunday)
8 Hours
10 Days
80 Hours

Can I see the Course Contents?

Course content is attached with this mail.
Click here to know more about Lucideus

Where Does it Take Place?

At Lucideus Labs, New Delhi – Click Here to see the pictures
(please note : the pictures are of our own Lab, and have NOT been taken from Google)

What will be the maximum number of students in a batch?


Who all will teach us in the course?

Vidit Baxi Rahul Tyagi Palvinder Singh

Still don’t know who they are?
Try and ask Google, it will help you with all the required info.

When does it start?

LCEH Grade 1 – 40 Hour Training |
LCEH Grade 2 – 40 Hour Training
Regular Batch – 28 Days
Regular Batch – 28 Days

And, the fee for the course?

LCEH Grade 1
20,000 INR (exclusive of service tax)
Click here to register
LCEH Grade 2
20,000 INR (exclusive of service tax)
Click here to register
LCEH Grade 1 & Grade 2
35,000 INR (exclusive of service tax)
Click here to register

Can I make an online payment?

Yes, you can
Click here to register on-line.

Do you want to know more about us?

Check, FaceBook, YouTube, Twitter, Goolge+

If you have more queries, please feel free to engage over email or phone
Call 08588842342 or 011-2656- 9899 for more details.

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