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Indian Nuclear Energy Counsellor in Vienna Deepak Ojha visited Russia’s Rostov region on July 23 in the framework of cooperation in the area of use of atomic energy in peaceful purposes and for acquaintance with modern Russian technologies for NPP construction and operation. The event was arranged by invitation of the Russian party as a member-state of IAEA and a member of the Agency Governing Board for permanent representatives of foreign countries to international organizations in Vienna.

The list of the visit participants included 22 diplomats representing Argentina, Armenia, Brazil, Vietnam, Ghana, Egypt, India, Qatar, Kuwait, Malaysia, Morocco, Namibia, Nigeria, UAE, Pakistan, Singapore, Syria, Switzerland, Sudan and Japan. Mr. Mikhail Chudakov, IAEA Deputy Director General, was also a member of the delegation. From the Russian party the delegation was accompanied by the representatives from the Ministry for foreign affairs, Permanent representation of the Russian Federation to international organizations in Vienna.

Firstly, the diplomats visited Atommash, a branch of AEM-Technology, where the NPP equipment is manufactured as well as equipment for oil and gas and conventional power industry. The Atommash’s industrial capacities allow producing up to 4 sets of NPP equipment including reactor vessels.

The delegation has also been presented the treatment of parts for VVER-1200 reactor of Belorussian NPP, core trap, which is a part of passive safety systems for the reactors of Generation 3+, the process of a steam-generator fabrication, roentgen chambers, transportation gate, apart from the final assembly sections.

At the Rostov NPP the participants held a meeting with Mr. Andrey Salnikov, director of Rostov NPP. Then the diplomats made a tour to main control room and turbine hall of unit №3 commissioned last year and turbine hall of Rostov NPP №4 under construction.

After that the representatives of the international organizations visited the studio of 3D-modeling in Volgodosk branch of NIAEP and listened to the presentation of experts from Rosatom Engineering Division, which was established specially in the purposes of design development and construction management. There was emphasized that in 2014 the Division managed to commission 4 units: unit №3 at Rostov NPP, two conventional units at South-Urals thermal power station and unit №1 at Kudankulam NPP in India.

At the end of the tour the diplomats visited the upgraded full-scope simulator installed in the premises of the training center. The full-scope simulator is an exact copy of the main control room at Rostov NPP and is used for development of the NPP personnel competences. The foreign representatives gave high assessment to the results of their visit to Russia’s Rostov region, to the meetings with the executives of the host companies and to the level of the presented information.

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