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Focus AntiSocial Media, Bollywood, War Games, SciFi Hype & Smart Corruption for quick bucks!

Social Media chit chats has become a best source to goldmine: quick bucks + fame! Why do you need a scientific temperament and rational mindset to be able to appreciate human issues and frame a progressive policy on Science & Technology? Have a look at the so-called the 5 year plan outlays for Science & Technical Education – total will never exceed 2% or so… Most of it will go to the elite lot who will extract some jugaad for themselves, fly-high and ensure profit for its capital masters. Though the country needs more growth out of urgency to support its soaring head counts – our netas, traders and ministers are preoccupied with astronomical hypes, gracing Bollywood and Anti Social jamborees, even the cheaper versions, and content with commoditizing religious sentiments and many things similar.

Venting out the dissatisfaction in the scientific community over “inadequate” funding, a scientist CNR Rao had ejected some angry outburst calling our great politicians as “idiots” for giving them “so little”. Asked about China’s progress, he added, “We also have to take blame on ourselves, as Indians we don’t work hard, we are quite unlike Chinese clones (Is it a weakness?). We are easy going and we are not as much anti-nationalists … If we get some-more money we are ready to go abroad.” I will add, and become a rich NRI after indirect looting via subsidized education sponsored by hard-working taxpayers wealth in India. He is just asking for more money to be put into real research instead of corrupt cronies, though the timing of such Chanakya pampered statements only coincides with upcoming elections, so what?

Why haven’t these so-called rulers in 70+ years, been able to forge an Industry-University alliance along the lines of what the US has for its industries and Stanford, Wharton & MIT? The answer is: gross ignorance, reserving funds for loot, fear of managing a resulting knowleageable society and so an obvious complete lack of will. If we as a nation harbour any designs of leapfrogging into the top comity of nations, shouldn’t we be serious about focusing on technology-led innovation? Are these idiots even eligible to lead a research-driven knowledge society immune to their dirty tricks?

Look at investments made by Japan, Germany, China, Israel and other BRICs in S&T, and you’ll know where we stand. Why? Because we are just content with paltry progress and revenue inflows made via cheap outsourcing and hardware assembling engagements. The NRI-lot are content with selling ready made gadgets and copy/paste western concepts to us (with a branded logo). The corporate lot is also content, as less new technology means low expectations and minimal competition from new entrants, so they can monopolize and en-cash with existing technologies.

But again, these idiots are elected as leaders by voters falling prey to short sighted views based on religion, regional, language, caste and sops such as gifts, freebies and vote for notes, alcohol or fun. India needs zero-tolerance towards goons, criminals, land grabbers, communal freelancers, rapists, corrupt suckers, anti-social cronies, opportunistic capitalists, indecent and fascist feudalistic forces. Until then, the whole show will always be planned and managed by callous bureaucracy as leadership of the day neither have the vision nor are they concerned for the future. Only focus is to retain power and grow wealth of nears and dears with help of mushrooming media gurus, bhakt republics, desi fakers, tantalizers and vicious cobras.

The message is apparently clear for an average Indian – take a job, buy, vote, migrate for bucks, consume for growth, be content and do not dare to compete or propagate shits (real vedic ideologies) or question our right-wing sponsors and liberal funders!

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