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Local Hybrid Cloud Data Center for VPS / Dedicated Server Plans

Solution Point, a trusted web services and data center solutions provider launched its new state-of-the-art hybrid cloud jails! This facility is in addition to other successfully running leased data centers in India and overseas. With a press note, Solution Point also announced its associations with less hyped but very powerful non-US vendors. All the power of the Cloud combined with the simplicity of Shared Hosting is what you get with our Cloud offering!

Speaking on this event, Mr. Samir Kumar, Marketing Manager, Solution Point said, “We are calling this facility the next-gen data center as we have invested in this cloud ready data center with a futuristic vision. Designed and supported based on the latest standards and is ready to meet the demands of future cloud computing and other hosting challenges”. Secure and local data centers will play a major role in the data security and give a hybrid cloud model as against purely cloud born companies.

Once our data centers are ready, we will get the flexibility, which is a beautiful differentiator,” he said. “India is a phenomenal cloud market and it is growing every second. In India, we do not have legacy IT infrastructure as we have many SMBs and startups that are having greenfield in IT infrastructure. They are looking for full cloud which can be built for scale,” he said. We have recently announced action plans for upgrading data centers as part of efforts to connect Indians as well as Indian businesses to the world through our cloud service. “Local and custom-made data center is part of our efforts to expand business. It will open up new opportunities as they will find on premise data centers. Best suited for many state-owned enterprises and private sectors that do not want to put everything on clouds under control of non-residents and want data to be stored & delivered under the watch of reliable partners making in India,” he said.

Data centers by Solution Point are fully competent to tackle any futuristic demand of emerging technologies. He also said, “2015 is a remarkable year for Solution Point as we have several milestones to be accomplished this year, including the launch of clouds and mobile apps. By the end of the year, we will launch other data centers to cater to global customers.” SMEs and startups can avail cloud facility by connecting their service APIs on the cloud service as infrastructure and platform service.

They keynoted about the association of Solution Point with vendors. They also spoke about ISVs (Independent Software Vendor) and System Integrators. They highlighted the breadth of opportunities for ISVs and SI in cloud as well as in the Data Center industry. Commenting about the CDN partnership Mr. Sidarth Pani – Operational Exec, Solution Point said, “The Content Delivery Network (CDN) partnership will lead to the development of more effective applications. Customers will experience faster and better web / mobile performance, altogether it will make a powerful solution.”

Why Solution Point Cloud Hosting?

Performance: With a top-of-the-line technology platform, leveraging high-end processors, high-performance storage & memory along with clearly defined resource isolation, our new cloud platforms give you the performance you are expecting. Low-density servers (fewer customers per server) coupled with Varnish, will help boost your web-page load speed many folds!

Scalability: If you wish to increase the performance of your site, simply click the upgrade button on the control panel for more resources to be applied to your site. No intrusive downtime or platform migration required, no surprise usage fees on your next bill, you are in complete control! In short, you can allocate more CPU (up to 16 additional cores) and RAM (up to 32 GB of Additional RAM) to your Cloud Hosting Package to handle traffic spikes

Redundancy: Since the storage backend is based on ceph with 3 copies of data stored in different locations, across different drives and cabinets, we will migrate you onto another server if any hardware issues are detected on one server.

Fully Managed Support: Ready to harness the benefits of cloud but not sure what that exactly means? Don’t worry, our team of expert support agents is here every step of the way. With our Managed Cloud Hosting offering, we take care of optimizing the cloud infrastructure so you don’t have to.

Secure, Faster, Ethical, Local, Scalable and Reliable Hosting Servers – laptops, data centers, or the cloud… find more booking info at

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