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The Government is no different from those of the Congress and the BJP. It has allowed foreign companies to loot the natural resources of the State. Besides, the Government is mired in scams including chit fund and mining scams, as per CPM. Coming down heavily on the Centre, it said the ‘Achhe Din’ (good days) under the NDA Government have come only for the capitalists and foreign companies.

Prime Minister had promised to bring Achhe Din for the people. But the Achhe Din has come only for the capitalists and multinational companies. The Central Government is only bringing anti-people laws favouring capitalists. Schemes implemented to benefit the poor, are being diluted and new labour laws are being introduced affecting the job security of poor people. The missed call democracy and nationalistic brand hypes will not ask those who are willing to join (or even understand what are their real ideals) but impose membership on just anybody and everybody as per religion, caste or region, it added.

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