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Is it safe to resumes to anyone, at anytime, from anywhere using android apps?

One brand PaanGO, claims to provide hiring solutions for job seekers, announced the release of “On the GO” android app. As job seekers spend more than 70% of their time on mobile or other hand held devices. Through the “On the GO” app on mobile, job seekers can now send their resumes / CV with just a click to hiring managers.

Once the app is installed on android devices, it will automatically sync the online resumes created by job seekers using PaanGO’s online resume builder. A list of various resumes (with different templates) would be listed on their mobile through the PaanGO app. Users can tap the right resume from list to open their configured Email. The Email shall be opened with pre-configured subject, body and signature. The resume / CV shall be embedded within the email. Users need to just enter the email of the hiring manager and click send. And it’s done!

“Our On the GO PaanGO app will let you carry professional resumes in your pocket and empower you to apply for jobs with just a click”, said Sridhar Anand, CEO, PaanGO.

PaanGO’s “On the GO” app also provides the ability to track the status of the resume. The moment resume is viewed, users shall get instant notification on their mobile app. Special care had been taken to insure minimum bandwidth usage during use of the app. Also, one can send their resume / CV while in offline mode. Once online, the email would be automatically sent. Watch the video explaining the PaanGO app features.

The PaanGO app can be downloaded from Google Play store. In future, more features shall be added to enhance user experience.

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