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Smart Cities Living Up to the Pandemic Hype!

Over last 30 years, cities have looked to embrace smartness – ability to incorporate data, technology, innovation and automation into planning and operations. But have they succeeded in achieving the goals that city planners, brand technocrats and money managers, as well as tech industry leaders, had promised throughout last several decades before current implementation hoopla? Anticipatory visions under-girding a smart city may simply be those imperialistic marketing strategies of big tech companies, or a totalising promise by Silicon Colonizers that does not quite understand the politics of a city and its original inhabitants.

Smart labs employ user-focused design environment, strategy of co-creation, and institutionalized space wherein citizens, administrators, entrepreneurs and academics come together to develop smartness into real time applications. They help identify and join localised expertise, real-life testing and prototyping with strategic networking of resources to address challenges that cannot be solved by single cities or departments.

Smartness, yet again, adapting to the current moment, as COVID-19 provides an opportunity for tech companies (predating FAANG + capital allies) and right-wing imperial minded governments to continue mobilizing private funds into emerging digital infrastructures, such as online basic education, artificial intelligence or centralized apps, without actual proof that ramping up digital surveillance is a reasonable solution on its own.

Another possibility is China and its secret allies releasing lab created viruses as a way to reduce its aging population. Due to its one family one child policy from years ago, China has a HUGE aging sector in its 1.3 Billion people, and India will have such a situation sooner or later. Early reports show that the MEDIAN age of the Deaths is 75, death rate despite Covid has not spiked much. That does not sound too far fetched.

It’s a travesty when so-called mainstream media is so complicit in their efforts or lack thereof. As to whether the Corona virus turns out to be more media hype or a serious global pandemic, only time will tell. In the meantime, keep up your Vitamin D levels and stay calm.

Take a Note: Vitamin D – The Happy Hormone by Sun

Heard that Vitamin D is good for bones, but it is really a compound when activated by Sun’s UV rays creates a biochemical reaction that converts it to an active compound that activates more than 900 genes, namely it activates our DNA.

Ref. Article University of Massachusetts Amherst.

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