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Get Paid to Migrate a Domain Hosting Plan

We are all set to announce the launch of one of our biggest hosting promotions of 2014! Consolidating your Hosting Portfolio with SolutionPoint will become more lucrative for you than ever before!

From the feedback we have gathered through our interactions with you at several Partner Meets, reseller interactions and other events, a common trend appears to be that you are completely convinced about the price, features and support of our hosting offering. However, there seem to be two deterrents that hinder you from consolidating your hosting portfolio with us:

– Technical expertise, effort and time involved in migrating hosting packages between two providers
– Sunken cost for the remainder of your package tenure with the current provider

To tackle these difficulties, we have devised a brand new promotion where we not only migrate your packages for free, but also buy-out the remainder of your tenure with the current provider.

Get Paid to Migrate your Hosting to SolutionPoint!

You will get paid to migrate your hosting packages to SolutionPoint! Well, the good news doesn’t end here. You also get a Rs.100 discount on every domain registered/transferred/renewed on these migrated packages!

How it works:

Let’s say Mr. Jay has a Reseller Hosting (Linux) package hosted with XYZHosting with the following specs:

Disk Space: 5 GB
Bandwidth: 2000 GB
No. of Domains Hosted on this package: 5
Price: Rs.1500/m

Jay has a remainder of two months before his Hosting package with XYZHosting expires.

When Jay migrates this package to SolutionPoint, here’s what he gains:

1. Based on Jay’s current requirements, he will be provisioned an Hosting package @ Rs.1200/mo. at SolutionPoint – A straight saving of Rs.300/month!
2. Once Jack has purchased the Linux package, a sum equivalent to the price of his remainder tenure will be credited into his SolutionPoint account – A Flat credit of Rs.1000!
3. Jay also gets a Rs.100 discount on every domain hosted on this hosting package (starting from the next billable transaction), which means he gets a Rs.1000 discount on transfer-ins/renewals on the 10 domains hosted so far

Getting Started:

* This promotion goes live on 1st September, 2014 and will expire on 30th Oct, 2014
* This promotion is only applicable on Single Domain, Multi Domain and Reseller Hosting packages for Linux servers that use cPanel
* Our Account Managers will migrate your package to the exact/closest match based on the specs of your hosting package with your current provider
* Discounts on hosted domains will be provided by means of a credit note by your respective Account Managers
* A maximum tenure of 3 months per hosting package is eligible for buy-out as part of this promotion. Your account will be credited with the funds once your hosting package invoices (with your current provider) have been submitted and verified by our Account Managers. If the tenure of your hosting package is over 3 months, get back to us and we will be happy to work out a customized promotion for you!

Stay tuned to our emails for more information on this promotion. If you have any doubts or questions about this email, please get in touch with us or leave a comment below and we would be happy to assist you.

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