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Aar-em launches Innovative all in one Solar LED Streetlight First time in India

Aar-em Electronics Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune based manufacturer of the well-known CHAMPION brand of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). Champion is a very strong brand in the corporate and consumer space. Champion has long been known for product quality and reliability.

Mr. Ranjit Mohite Managing Director Aar-em Electronics Pvt ltd. announced today that the company which has put a lot of thrust into the renewable energy space has recently introduced an All in one innovative solar LED streetlight for the first time in India. The product will hit the market in the last week of July 2014. Mr Mohite informed that Aar-em Electronics is as approved vendor under MEDA (Maharashtra Energy Development Agency) and had executed large contracts for installation and commissioning of Conventional Solar Streetlights under projects initiated by the Govt of Maharashtra.

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in the safety and security of our streets and public places. Today outdoor lighting has to be smarter to comply with new legislation, environmental challenges and requirements to reduce energy usage. This is where the latest outdoor, roadway and street lighting solutions from Aar-em come into play.

The new innovation is a product which has features and reliability surpassing conventional streetlight manifolds thus making it a winning product. Through continuous innovation, Aar-em has always been striving to provide the customers with the best available technology.

According to Mohite, this new design and technology implementation has been driven by our desire to eliminate the need for bulky external battery boxes and external solar panels and achieve All in One Solar Powered LED Street Light. To achieve this, we have designed our system to have maximum light output with minimum power consumption using high efficiency solar cells which are located on the light fixture. By locating the solar technology directly on the light fixture and placing the battery within the light fixture, the risk of damage, theft or tampering is greatly reduced.

There are no wires on the street pole, nor are batteries seen which means that the bulky battery itself (which exists in regular street lights) can’t be stolen and sold for scrap. The solar powered street light is deigned based upon our extensive experience of using electrical and electronic equipment in harsh environments. Our engineered solutions require less maintenance and reduced parts replacement due to initially incorporating higher quality components. There is absolutely no need of trenching, cabling or assembling on the field which is the most difficult part while installing conventional solar street lights. These lamps will also be sold to private sector which was not comfortable in installing the conventional street lamps primarily due to bulky design and not aesthetically attractive.

According to Mr. Mohite they plan to market these products in neighboring countries too and will expand their sales to local country wise distributors.

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