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Descending from the matted locks of Lord Shiva, and enthroned on her Makar Vahan, Ma Ganga, the lifeline of our subcontinent journeys a stretch of 1569 miles providing vitality and succor to millions and millions down the ages.

She, whose beauty is immediate and everlasting, began her earthly sojourn to cleanse and liberate the souls of the sons of King Sagar, following the hard penance of Prince Bhagirath, as stated in the Bhagavat Puran. Her ancient and holy waters have been witness to the dynamic coming together of races and cultures, whose flow continues unabated in colourful hues. Yet, we, her beneficiaries have failed to reciprocate her kindness and generosity, mindlessly polluting her waters spelling our own doom in the process.

It is time then that we not only express our concern but act, as is the need of the hour. Let us take a unanimous pledge to purify our mother in gratitude of being cleansed.

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