Agenda of the Empire – get rid of non-voters via NRC / CAA + Linking Aadhaar, Voter ID, PAN & Genome!

Today, citizenship is a great privilege. And Indian citizenship, is the greatest privilege. Why? Because only those who have purified their souls by protecting cows (not cows of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin) for seven consecutive births are reincarnated as Indian citizens. That’s why just one in about six people on the planet enjoys the honour of being an Indian citizen.

The National Register of Citizens (NRC) is a register containing names of all genuine Indian citizens. At present, only Assam has such a register. The exercise may be extended to other states as well to possibly target and terrorize non-voters. Over the past six years the state of Assam has been scrutinizing the citizenship status of each of its 33 million residents. The goal of the National Register of Citizens (NRC) has been to identify those people residing in the state who can be designated Indian, and those who the government would prefer to identify as Bangladeshi. At the end of August the final list was published with 1.9 million people in the state unable to prove their Indian citizenship. Yet due to the complicated cultural, political, and structural forces of South Asia’s history, being able to clearly define exactly who is an Indian is not such an easy task. In attempting to do so, the NRC process instead highlighted the persistent complications of the 1947 partition, and brought to the fore an ideological struggle over nationhood.

New borders don’t automatically erase these linkages. The borders defined upon India’s partition were not able to establish neat and tidy packages of administrative certainty, they merely created impediments to traditional areas of movement and exchange. This is especially the case when a cultural region like Bengal is divided between two countries. Bengali art, literature, and entertainment still transcends the border, marriages are still arranged across it, and through local knowledge and ingenuity cattle can still be smuggled into Bangladesh in order to circumvent laws preventing the slaughter of cows in several states.

All this interwoven complexity makes designating exactly who is Indian and who is Bangladeshi very difficult. However, for the ruling brands there is an over-arching lens that makes this designation easy: religion (to segregate who do not votes us). While Pakistan / Bangladesh were created as an explicitly Muslim majority state, we remained steadfastly committed to the idea of a plural society, one in which all religions were welcome and respected.

Now, it is illegal Muslim migrants from Bangladesh. Tomorrow, there could be several kinds of non-citizens that should be prepared to weed out. On top of the list are urban naxals, who spread hatred against people they brand as bhakts; next are people who don’t have the basic patriotism to publicly and relentlessly proclaim their unconditional love for our Prime Minister; and lastly, people who don’t know the chemical composition of cow urine. All three are unworthy of Indian citizenship and should be relieved of it forthwith.

Desi desh bhakts who fled or dying to flee to non-Hindu Europe, Gulf or Americas for bucks, are some economic miracles or election donating asylums unlike these third-world ugly & poor refugees trying to invade our great civilization with empty nuclear bellies! More

There can be no compromise whatsoever on the safety and security of the 130 crore (minus 40 lakh) genuine Indians. Anti-national jholawalas who are always criticising the government must realise that the days of taking their citizenship for granted are over. Basically, we must do for citizenship what Aadhaar does for identity: enable the state to exclude people at will. The excluded can be reclassified as slave labour and put to work under Make in India.

In addition, the Primary stakeholders desperate to Linking Aadhaar, Voter ID, Mobile Apps, PAN & Genome are:
1. Private Government & Allies
2. Telecom & Digital Inc
3. Banks & Tax Extortioners

Only Goals: More Profiteering & Surveillance to benefit empire’s own crooks

These desperate Data Mining, NRC & Citizenship Acts are forced uniformity solutions which are unduly harsh toward people who could be easily deemed casualties of larger political / historical forces beyond their control. Those forces are now making some groups of people pawns in present-day petty power battles abusing nationalism. If allowed to succeed without revolting dissent, tomorrow they will try such genocidal experiments on other groups of people who’re NOT bhakts of their ideology!

Ref: (The Hindu, Wiki & Diplomat)

One thought on “Agenda of the Empire – get rid of non-voters via NRC / CAA + Linking Aadhaar, Voter ID, PAN & Genome!”

  1. guni jano re bhakt jano daanga jodi ka saath chhodo re
    jagat-narayan ki jay-jay bolo-bolo, bhagat-narayan ko chhodo re

    Kyon ki pade likho ko paata hai, saach me kya ho raha hai. Dharm ki dalali by wahhabis, jugaadu, yankees, #jihadis #bhakts, etc. Not feeling proud as a tax payer. It almost sounds pure extortion, painful funding these #religion masked #governments supporting #goons #murderers #rioters – just for oiling its #election branding machinery. The religion-less minority killer gangs are sucking the majority of India.

    Rioter A questions Rioter B.. and vice-versa
    #DelhiAgainstJehadiViolence / #DelhiAgainstBhaktViolence / #BoycottTaxes / #BoycottNeta

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