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Mr Narendra Modi unveils book on Revival of Indian Economy

Chief Minister of Gujarat, Mr Narendra Modi unveiled a novel book “Turn Around India” in the presence of eminent personalities including veteran politicians, corporate, entrepreneurs, capital market professionals and media persons at the Nava Sachivalaya this evening.

Turn-Around India, focuses on the economic challenges facing India and the ways to turn them in to opportunities. It presents a policy agenda for the country to emerge as an economic powerhouse and as a model of high growth and development.

The author Mr R.P. Gupta, CMD, Shiva Cement Ltd. & Vice Chairman of Odisha Assembly of Small & Medium Enterprises is an experienced and qualified entrepreneur. He has indeed made a crucial endeavour to search for efficiency-seeking governance that too with a team spirit among all stake holders. The book has been published by Himalaya Publishing House.

All will agree that over the years there has been a perceptible improvement in the economic front but with a sizeable population still below the poverty line, an economic consolidation even today seems to be far away. Though this needs self-introspection at every level but we must take all possible care to give a major boost to growth and productive income at all level. Emphasis must also be laid on the regulatory easement for hassle free operations of existing units and fast approvals for new projects to attract new investment.

In all sectors – be it transport, energy or even environment we need to create a sense of economic urgency among our people so that they become part of the development process. Economic awareness, team spirit and a sense of belongingness will not only take us on the right track but also motivate us to move on the fast track of growth and development.

Today the prime objective is to evolve a broad consensus among all major political parties on economic policies that are in consonance with the growth of the country. Here, the media could also be roped in to reduce conflicts and create a conducive environment for entrepreneur and investment for achieving the growth phenomena.

The author, Mr Gupta emphasized in his brief speech that it is high time we shun mutual conflicts and negative activism and instead in tandem fight out the current crisis with determination and dedication for the nation. Economic efficiency of any country depends upon the whole gambit of policy, regulation and taxation and not limited to producers alone he asserted. He also applauded recent trends of development politics instead of electoral politics among several states and expressed need for a competition among states and districts for achieving inclusive growth in the real sense.

The book presents pragmatic and viable solutions in a simple and lucid style that would amply contribute to economic consolidation of India. We fairly trust that this book will go a long way in creating a positive environment and change in mindset to ensure that India moves fast forward in inclusive growth and development. Yes, we must be fully geared to take the best opportunity even during a global economic crisis which we had missed in 2008. We look forward to another big opportunity in the near future.

The book has also received encouraging messages from Mr Kamal Nath, Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs & Urban Development, Mr Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha, Mr L.K.Advani, Chairman, BJP Parliamentary Party and Mr Narayan Murthy, Chairman, Emeritus, Infosys Ltd. The function was graced by Mr Jual Oram and Mr Dilip Ray, Ex-Ministers of Government of India, Mr Bharat Rout, Member of Parliament and Mr. Ramdas Agrawal ex-member of Parliament. Several corporate including Mr Vivek Chawla, Director, ACC Ltd. and Mr O.P. Goyal, Director JK Paper were also present on the occasion. The presence of office bearers of both Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Rourkela Chamber of Commerce & professionals from capital market were also quite visible.

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Ankit Shah Mohan Vijayan Venesa Bar

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