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Author: Sagar Kumar

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How to boss your content game in the times of Covid19!

Brands should keep communicating. They should offer virtual services if possible, keep consumers updated with any information related to their brand / domain, talk about their crisis management strategy, include the steps they are taking to protect your employees and customers, communicate changes in business policies / business hours etc.

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India Showcased Fastest Growth in E-commerce Market

• e-Commerce market develops in spite of the monetary slowdown. • Japan, South Korea and Australia are saturated e-Commerce markets. • Web based retailing is seen as a convenience channel for shopping. Online Retailing in Asia-Pacific, 2019-2024; Market Dynamics, Retail Trends and Competitive Landscape offers vast knowledge on the changing patterns and key issues inside […]

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In-Cinema / Movie Theater / Multiplex Advertising

Almost 55% of Indian population are cinema-goers who watch movies in a theater at least once in six months. As in-cinema advertising is expected to grow at a double digit in the next few years, many agencies has recently jumped-in to provide comprehensive on-screen advertising branding / plans.

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Cinema or Film Media Advertising in India

Theater is a perfect fit for regional advertising. Local movie theatres draw people from a targeted area. Most local advertisers draw their customers from a fairly small geographic area. Most Indian moviegoers may travel up to 20 miles to visit a movie theatre.

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