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IAMAI pitching social media campaigns for political parties

Link many other associations supporting and lobbying for the rich businesses and kings, India’s so-called watchdog the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) released some report showing that increasing spending on social media campaigns can swing 3-4% of votes in states where Internet usage is good. Social media marketing can play a decisive role as a swing over 1% can change the outcome of elections, it claimed. Believe me, 99% of this showcase of social responsibility is just to pave way for it’s creamy agencies (involving same closed groups) getting lucrative party campaign projects, who in phase two recover their investments from public resources loot, having thoroughly fooled voters in phase one.

We have seen social media’s impact as a mobilizing instrument for agitation purposes but now it can play a role in voting preferences, reverse engineer the agitation with favorable PR to mitigate public anger. Pitch Gandhian non-violence, peace, secularism vs small corruption of kings. The number of social media users in urban India is set to reach 86 million in October this year, and 91 million by the end of this year.. most are vulnerable to cheap publicity stunts accessing Internet from compromised tools and gadgets full of spyware, malware…and more disguised with appeal of new looks and ease of managing stuff. Google, Facebook, Twitter, IAMAI and other similar profit making entities are ganging-up to take on urban voters.

I know young voters will be extremely susceptible to social media based propaganda., but still watch-out for sophisticated acts by these gangs of shrewd stakeholders! Remember, popularity is mostly a result of Netbank MLM using black magic media buyout, like Votebank in politics or SpectrumBank in resources. Do all the targeted users have basic and fundamental idea of how the network works? 95% of today’s Internet users in India are novices, vulnerable – deprived of their digital rights with sheer deception starting from buying the hardware or choosing the basic telephony provider.

Sudhir Panda

No bhakt of any popular gangs, an irrepressible autodidact, pure blunt+ ideas on politics, economics, technology, culture, etc, do not fit any known ideologies. Tweets at

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