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Right-wing are folks who think they are great. Right-wing guys think everyone can be great if only other people were a bit more like them – mass fooling millions of consumers to grab a huge capital base for its breed. Think they know how to do things better than others. Some rightwingers even think they know better than experts. Much of what we learn from B-Schools and similar profiteering training institutions is rightwing greed. If you are burning for a week, normal people go to a doctor. Normal people listen to the doctor and act.

But right-winger don’t like to listen to doctors, think they know better than doctors. Right-wing people also think they know better than firemen how to put out fires. And they think they know better than teachers how to teach. Put adverts, social messages and dresses to look more patriot and nationalist than likes of freedom martyr Bhagat Singh. And right-wing people even think they know better than your mum how to look after you.

But right-wing people do like to help people. In fact, a lot of right-wing people spend a LOT of time telling people what to do, sometimes for free, sometimes for a training fee, but mostly for good fame, profit and branding. For example, right-wing people like to help disabled people by telling them not to be so disabled. And taking their wheelchairs off them.

And right-wing people like to help people who don’t have enough to eat by taking their bedrooms off them. Right-wing people like nothing better than buying and selling anything. Right-wing people like to buy and sell everything. Trains, natural resources, schools, votes, hospitals. They will even buy and sell things that don’t belong to them. Some will even sell you their daughters. If the price is right. Or their souls.

Right-wing people don’t like a lot of things. They don’t like working middle-class, who are better of them in all aspects. They think their television sets are too big. And they think working class people speak funny. They think if working class people would only speak more like they do, then they could be great people too. Right-wing people don’t much like sick or old people. They think if sick or old people spent less time lying in hospital beds and more time buying and selling things, then they wouldn’t be sick or old any longer. Right-wing people think everything can be made better by buying and selling things.

How to spot a right-wing person?

Some right-wing people have two faces and have noses which are too high on their faces, causing them to look down on other people. They also suffer from illnesses like severe knee-jerk reactions. Right-wing people’s hearts are often very small. Some right-wing people don’t have any heart at all.

There are a lot of colors right-wing people don’t like. They don’t like brown or black, because they think they’re not white enough. Right-wing people’s favorite color is white. They think white is better than any other color. Right-wing people would like everything to be white. White towns, white collars, white golf clubs, white washing public resources!

Right-wing people don’t like green. They think only left-wing people should like green. And right-wing people especially hate red. They think red should be wiped off the face of the earth.

Right-wing people like nature. They like nothing better than to spend a day in the countryside, experiencing the rich diversity of wild life that lives there before killing it and putting it on their imperial walls.

Right-wing people think everybody who has money is great. They think if people who don’t have money didn’t have such big televisions sets and didn’t speak so funny they could have money too. They think people shouldn’t get themselves born into a family without money. Right-wing people think the best way to make sure families without money have more money, is to give more money to families who have money, and take more money away from families who don’t have much money. Right-wing people love dumping currency notes of all types in their backyards.

How to tell if you are a right-wing person?
Do you think anybody could be great given a chance even if they are not white, rich or able-bodied?

You answered No – you are probably a right-wing person.
You answered Yes – you are probably not a right-wing person.

Because the world isn’t fair. Anybody can’t be great. Only a few achieve greatness. All of the above also applies to the left – Right and Left also differs from country to country. There really is no hope in the 21st century if quite obviously very old fashioned and elitist ideas about status are being taught in some ultra modern schools. Remember – a bird with one right wing can only fly in left-hand circles.

Slowly all are mixed-up and the only apparent goal is “lure more voters or investors by hook or crook to just press a button and forget/forgive”, that’s all. Once done, these mutated souls takes-over and colonize nations with pride for few years. Real patriots are already the endangered species – pushed to wild by celebrity crooks, profiteering cronies, allied loot bhakts, populists, bhaktoists, jagaadu black marketers and corporate brand maniacs.

Don’t panic! All is not lost, there’s always something you can try. Unlike the rightwing paid media dictators, we’re still a supporter of free speech and we’re more than happy to allow anyone who feels unfairly treated here to have a full right to reply / comment or even publish a full story!

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  1. Even another 100 Years Of Communist Struggle cannot find who ate all those grains & greens! Browny imperialists (with a desh-bhakt mask) are now more greedier, stronger & ruthless compared to 1920s white Brits just manipulating us. There is Nothing ForTheMany its For The GHI2019 daringly sucking the weak and poor working class.

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